Sunday, 13 February 2011

A small disaster and another paint over collage painting.

So this is what happened: once upon a [magical] time I found myself in a pool in Brighton hospital screaming away trying to push a child with the head of a small melon out of me. I hallucinated through the pain and after many painful hours a cute little person lay in my arms. Wonderful.

Then, 18 months later, I sweated over making my own art journal, I pricked my fingers several nights with the needle while threading the paper carefully. It was like giving birth all over again, in a different way, but yes I birthed a book, a sacred beautiful journal book. I admired it with love and joy.

Then, one evening (read; this evening), a friend comes round and I excitedly want to show her the beautiful sacred book I made with my bear hands, but because the person who I pushed out of me 18 months ago has screaming fits if I leave the room for a minute or more, I decide to carry him with me up the stairs, into the art room to go get the journal to prevent too much drama in the house. Babe on the arm, I go up the stairs, pick up the journal lovingly, walk down the stairs again (babe & journal both in arms), walk past the kitchen, and all of a sudden feel a bit of wet on/ near my hand...

I look down and the melon-head boy has PUKED ALL OVER MY NEW SACRED JOURNAL!!!!

Puked I tell YOU! PUKED!

I let out one loud YELP! Shout at Andy: tissues! tissues! tissues! The whole cover is covered in the vomit. I am beside myself with disbelief, I might faint or spontaneously combust. Puke puke puke on my sacred sacred journal! This can't be happening, no no no! Disaster! Disaster! Disaster!

Can I hear a OMGODDDDDDD?!

So I've been sitting there with dettol wipes with apple fragrance trying to get the vomit smell off my sacred journal, in tears and fuming (not with Dylan of course, he can't help it - instead I blamed Andy because he was cooking chillies and they make you cough and when Dylan coughs he often has to puke, so it's all Andy's fault, he now has to eat the journal. Kidding totally -not. ;) No really, just kidding, ha ha).

I just can't believe how unfortunate it was. I've worked through the trauma now, and the journal is still usable but still. Effing hell.

Let me give you a moment to recover from the shock of 'puke on sacred journal'. I know you need it. I needed it too.

Ok, over it?

Let me show you another paint over collage painting, I'm loving doing these:

don't run away, stay

and here are the before and after (click on image to see larger):

don't run away - before and after

Collage a pleasing [to you] composition together, then paint, brayer, embellish etc over it! So fun, messy and expressive. Highly enjoyable to do I find.

Ok, in other news, I just wrote the word 'disaster' 3 times and all of a sudden it lost all its meaning. Ha.

Going to bed now, snugs and muffins.



  1. Oh, Tam, lol. Think of it as an infusion of child-like exuberance...albeit all over your journal. This too shall pass.



  2. Big Hugs Tam! Your collage girl is awesome and you are awesome too! :* kisses.

  3. So sorry to hear about the puke incident. :) I have to admit that I had to smile as I read your post though. :) I hope your journal is recoverable in some fashion.


  4. Oh my holy hell. PUKE!?!?! OHNOES!!!

    Your sense of humour will see you through many such future disasters, so it's a good thing you have such a lovely one already in place. <3 I raised three very rough and tumble boys and gave up on having nice things or things of my own for many years. Even as recently as December, one of my sons (the eldest, 20) burned a long cigarette scar into my ALTAR. My ALTAR!! I felt pretty homicidal there for a few minutes. Luckily, he was sufficiently contrite, otherwise, I might have lost my mind entirely.

    In the years since I had my first boy, I've patched 100 holes in the walls, replaced three (THREE!) commodes (they rather enjoyed flushing things - especially metal things like little cars and oh...mega bloks, too!) and carpets (toilet training was a trial that no carpet could withstand). Parenting is a joy, but it is a very mixed up kind of joy that tests us at every level.

    *Hugs to you*

  5. Well, I would say adding puke to your arsenal of mixed media is very interesting. Then again, I can't smell the journal. When all else fails some aroma therapy oils like lavendar may help.

    I like the paint over technique, wasn't that also in your non digital course that is so long ago now I don't remember the name...

  6. Oh Tam!!!!! HUGE cyber hugs to you. Your collage painting is beautiful.

  7. I'm imagining slo-mo NOOOOOOOOO's combined with the Zingzilla birds singing 'It's a Disaster' :P Oh dear - this post did make me chuckle. Joys of parenthood eh? Glad it was saved all be it re-fragranced :)

  8. Sorry Tam, but puke story made me laugh...

    More the way you wrote it! :)

    The painting is fabulous! I adore!

    Hugs and love!

  9. Tam, I am sooooooooo sorry. Poor Dylan, poor journal, poor Andy, and poor you. I hope you're able to clean it all up. Sending you many, many hugs from Texas. Oh, and the oil might really help.

    Loveeeeeeeeee xoxoxo

  10. oh poor thing:) ...
    stay strong:)))
    nice collage! love it

  11. A careful cleaning, and then leaving it in a sealed plastic bag with some baking soda will remove the smell.

    As for the puke, that, too, can be sacred. One day, he'll be heading off for college, and you will laugh and laugh about the pukey journal!

    :D LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your beautiful pages and the inspiration it gives me.

  12. Having raised 3 kids and several grandkids and great-grands, I understand your grief. For years every oil painting I did had a little finger swipe where my daughter had tested it, then called out "Mom, it's not dry yet." Love your paint over collage. So is the original girl a painting you did before or a photo that you painted over? I love it.

  13. I second Bonnie's baking powder+ sealed bag trick.
    Works for cat puke, anyway.

  14. Hi Tam, This post is so funny. I have a little Dylan myself, although he is 6 now and I often discover his name written on some of my artwork--right smack in the middle :)

  15. Sorry to say that it was kind of funny to read your post. I take care of my grand daughter 2 days a week and believe me I have seen my share of "puke" , and she is only 6 months old. lol

    Your collage is fantastic....

  16. Oh my goodness! Oh Tam! I'm soooo sorry little Dylan puked all over your sacred journal. Bright side is you were able to save it. Your collage is beautiful! I've yet to try something like that, just never seem to find the right picture.

    Lots of HUGS!!!

  17. Oh Tam! So sorry to hear of the puke, but the post made me chuckle. I don't have kids yet, but I do have a dog that has eaten almost every nice thing we had in the house there for awhile. So glad he is over that!

  18. Oh Tam....yuck!! poor journal, poor you and poor Dylan for puking in the first place!!

    Hugs for you (after all the puke has gone though, I do not like puke ;)

    Micki x

  19. Aw, Tam... so, so sorry!!! That is awful and I would cry and want to throw a fit, too! But you did what is best, you wrote about it and set it free...

    Love the painted collage idea.

  20. Ha HA HA (so funny)I can see your face - do I laugh cry or scream?

    they do say never put all your eggs in one basket - or carry all your precious things at once - it is a basic rule of $oddery (as in $ods law). Next journal = plastic cover!

    Luke could vomit baked beans 5 foot from where he stood even if he had eaten them a week ago - impressive - he always managed to hit something loved, never the object I could cheerful be rid of.

  21. Isn't Motherhood glamorous?? LOL I still remember my birthday 2 years ago - my daughter was only 4 months old and sick... my birthday present was that she didn't puke all over me (she got my hubby instead)!

  22. Oh Tam I can't bear it for you, but I laughed so much reading this! Hope the worst of the trauma is over.xx

  23. Oh Tam,(yes I did have an OMG moment)- now that brought back memories of my eldest(who is now 21) projectile vomiting every time he was breastfed - memorable times for sure. i am sure it was so that I would have patience and not get too attached to things.LOL.
    Lucky you have such a positive attitude to life. I agree with the other comments, add this one to the journal of memories and try the baking powder:)

  24. oops forgot to say that I love the collage. A technique I definitely have to try.

  25. LMAO!!!

    I'm so sorry for laughing Sweet Tam, but you are SO funny.

    Sorry about the tragedy.

    Your artwork is brilliant by the way. I must try this technique. Love it.

    Kyles xo

    Just think, now every time you use your new AROMATIC journal, you will think of Cute Dylan........... =D

  26. Oh my goodness Tammy, what a story! Yeah thoughs pukkie days! Bless you all! Hope the smell goes eventually(would lemon juice work)?
    Your art is so beautiful!
    Loads of love!

  27. OMGGGGG indeed, think I may have curled up in a ball and sat in the corner for the rest of the night lmao but, at least you have it sorted now!

    Awesome blog and even more awesomeness creations

    Jinny :~)

  28. ROFL, yeessss, I can indeed relate to puke over sacred items! Bicarb soda works wonders to remove smells Tam, just sprinkle it on and leave overnight! And I LOVE the new concept of painting over collage, how easy is that??? Your my favourite person in the whole wide world at the moment Tam! :) xox

  29. dear all of you, thank you so much for all your comments!! i don't have the time to respond individually at the moment, but please know that i read all your comments with a smirk on my face and a twinkle in my eye. big hugs!

    ps. it was PERFECTLY ok to laugh at the journal post as that was my intention. yes, it was a tragedy, but it was also super funny. ;)

    groovy, over and out. x

  30. That is one sick post Tam!! Which is good if you're 16 and speak their language! Oh Tam - you make me laugh, I feel for you and it could've been worse... or not. Really, really funny and that's what motherhood is all about. And why I started scrapbooking many moons ago... You just never know what melon-heads will do next. Really. Just trying to prepare you!!!
    Rosie =)

  31. Oooh, what a wonderful story of mommy hood and arting! I loved it - thank you for the laugh (and warning of what not to carry if I get another baby :) Thank you, good luck making it all better and thank for the shot of your beautiful paint overs! xoxo

  32. You gave me my giggle for today !!!--but still I am so sorry about the sacred journal. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I think I already follow you but I will go and look. I love your class on Fabulous Faces and always recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to draw faces. Yours is the best.

  33. thanks for your comments everyone! thank you martha for recommending my course to people, i deeply appreciate it! <3 x

  34. Awww i love this story..makes me laugh babies are full of snuggly loveliness, smiles, unpredictable moments and puke!

  35. this paint over collage rocks! need to try that by myself!!


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