Friday, 11 February 2011

19 minutes, handmade journals, princesses & bird girls

"Can I write an engaging blog post in 19 minutes?" I think to myself. I have 19 minutes because -stupidly- I moved several of my mermaid movie files to another folder and now my iMovie project tells me in a surly voice when I try to continue editing the file: "sorry love, source files are missing". Aaaah - a low-level panic spreads from my nose down to my gut. Then I utilise my techie brain and think: 'hang on, if I re-create that earlier folder with the exact same name (frantically clicks on 'trash' click click click), and then copy and paste the other movie files back there: hopefully - pray god, goddess, cross fingers, toes and other limbs - iMovie should be happy to continue editing this project again as if nothing happened.' If not. I have to do the whole blooming thing again, having wasted precious precious hours.


You don't know yet why I have 19 minutes, do you? If often start a sentence and end up somewhere off track. Well, it's going to take 19 (although now 15 - ha, that paragraph took me 4 minutes!), to copy and paste the files to the new (old) folder. In those 19 minutes, I can't work on my project, so I thought: let's try and write a bloggie.

Et voila, here I am, writing a bloggie of which I want to do a lot more in future. I'm going to aim for 1 as a minimum a week after M3 is finished. I enjoy having a body of blog posts to look back on. I have a big archive on livejournal (back to 2002 can you believe!) and I love looking back on my posts once in while and giggle at the 'immature', highly 'un-enlightened' person I was then! (I jest, but yes, it's interesting to see how I approached things in 2003 compared to how I approach things now). I was also incredibly funny then, clearly, that hasn't changed! ;)

So, I now only have 4 minutes left, so let me leave you with the progress of my handmade art journal (eeeeh) which I'm trying to create in the few little hours after Dylbee has gone to bed. And some new messy mixed media art. The method in the ones below is painting OVER collage. I used to do it quite a bit, but have become re-obsessed with it, hope you enjoy and have a lovely Friday plus weekend mah babies. :) Hugs. x


OH HILARIOUS! I just closed and opened up iMovie only for it to tell me it needs another 40 minutes to process the new folder!! (Granted it does have almost 60 gigs worth of video in it, but come on, you are A MAC with a reputation for super speedy superior processing capabilities, why you need 40 minutes? Aaagh!

Oh well, some more time for me to blog, so, where was I? Oh yes, my handmade journal in which I'll be doing sacred awareness, getting-in-touch-with-my-feelings stuff. Here it is! (not finished yet) ->

hand made journal! yay!

hand made journal! yay!

(Rho if you're reading this, I know something is 'off' on the first stitching loop thing, but can't be bothered to do it all again! :))

hand made journal! yay!

Pretty no? :) I used watercolour paper, so it's going to be awesome to work in! I can't wait to start using it. It's very satisfying to create your own journal I must say! (Though a little time consuming).

BTW, if you want to learn it too, I took Rhomany's coptic binding workshop which you can take over here: (scroll down to middle of the pages for Rho's video).

Ok, and here are the paint over collage pieces I was taking about:

a princess waiting

I love the freedom this technique gives and the surreal, out of proportion style of it. Very much inspired by the lovely Misty Mawn, of course, but I think because I've been doing this stuff for a while (although have been taking a break with all the courses), I've found my own voice within the style.

Here's another one. The title Bird Guhl is from a song by Antony & the Johnsons who I adore adore adore adore.

bird guhl.

In fact, here is the song for those interested, it is breath-taking.

Antony spells bird girl in a few ways on the album cover: bird gehrl and bird guhl. I think he himself struggled with dyslexia when younger (not sure if this is correct) and also dealt with gender 'confusion' which is a poignant topic on that album.

Last one of the paint over collage pieces:

this sacred life

I love the messy gray with black and white and the strong female figure in the middle. For those actually managing to read any of the small handwriting on the first piece and the last: they are around wanting another baby. :) We have talks with the IVF clinic early March. That's all I'll say for now. :)))

Ok, 2 minutes left now! Perfect to REALLY say byes now!


PS. It worked! (the moving the files thing - I know, like you cared! ;)) xoxox


  1. Tam, you are still so funny!! I love reading your blogposts and I resent the time Real Life and mundane stuff takes from me lately!
    These paintings are wonderful - I like Bird Guhl, but I really love the earth mother. Wow! I shall have to try this myself... =)

    Big hugs re: a new baby and I have fingers crossed for you. xo

    PS - I get that about looking back - I can't believe how much I have changed in the 4-5 years of blogging!

  2. Of course we cared, we all hate it when the computers that are our tools act like they're smarter than we are!
    And ... fingers crossed!

  3. G'Day Tam,

    I so love your beautiful journal. I've wanting to learn how to make one for the longest time. Just have to find the time.

    Yes you are funny. You have a lot of playfulness about you, which is a great quality to have. I really like people who are playful and can laugh at themselves.

    Your paintings are wonderful, but I don't expect anything less from you. =)

    I started listening to 'Bird Girl', while continuing to read your bloggy. It's not my type of music, I must say, but never mind.

    Anyway, I was reading your last paragraph and got to the part about the meanings behind two of your paintings. In an instant my heart became heavy and I felt saddened at the thought of you painting away, with this one thing on your mind and in your heart. (I'm sure the music didn't help any). I'm sitting here now not knowing what else to say that would make a difference or make you feel any better.

    My thoughts are with you and I honestly hope that your prayers are answered.

    Keep smiling,

    Kyles xo

  4. i love these journals...i always make mine.....i enjoy the relaxing process of the copic binding....gorgeous collage art...just awesome...

  5. Glad the techie stuff worked for you, it's all a bit beyond me at the moment, but I am learning. :) Your new journal is very pretty & the new paintings are beautiful. I love Bird Guhl's face. Going to visit Rho's site now. Have a great Friday. x

  6. Love the new art works...when will we get a class on it? Love the journal too.

  7. GGreat job Tam in 19 minutes lots of love

  8. yes you can ( write a blog that is engaging in 19 minutes) you may also start a craze of people describing what they do whilst waiting for various imovie/video prep actions to complete - I have perfected cooking chocolate muffins in the time it takes to load a 550 megabyte imovie to vimeo....

    LOVE your art work I love this kind of messy most of all with that prettiness in the middle so to speak. I like the reflectiveness of reality that all is ying and yang, tidy and messy, pretty and ugly and it works best when it is all on the same page of our lives.

    best wishes with IVF - hang loose think calming thoughts prepare your body and mind - and Go For It with an open heart and soul. And ease off on the work woman - getting pregnant and carrying to term is a job all in its own class...


  9. i love working in homemade journals :) it makes me smile every time i see them!!!

    and i love what your doing with the collage-mixed media girls. the bird girl and the first one, the waiting princess, are my favorites!

  10. Oh Tam, Your painted over collages are breathtaking! Could there be a new class in the works someday? And your journal? WOW! Gorgeous. I have yet to try one with so many signatures and a cover. You know, sweetie, try to relax in the knowledge that your new baby is destined to come to you both. You're huge heart has room for as many babies as you desire!

    Hugs, Jessica W. xox

  11. Tam I'm in love with your painting over collages! They are just magnificent. You are so gifted. Your journal is I'm sure going to turn out wonderfully.

    Hugs XX

  12. wow these are spectacular paintings !!!!! full of emotion and love .... your journal is a wonderful treasure to keep and such a beautiful gift for future generations to learn about you and keep memories alive .... magnificent art work.. this is my first time here on your blog and I'll definately be back for more ... I have only been blogging a short time and i'm lovin' it !!!! big hugz x I am a follower now xo

  13. Your journal looks awesome; now I shall have to trek down to your end of the world when it's done and see the finished thing with all your work in it!
    Funnily enough, I've been doing paint over collage lately too. Nothing finished yet, but it lends a certain feel to the piece that you can't achieve on a flat surface; like layers of old wallpaper in empty houses.

  14. You make me laugh...hehe!
    Love your artwork - it etherial and gorgeous.
    Fabulous little handmade journal - must have a go..
    Lesley x

  15. I love making my own journals, but my spines never look that good. I think I'm going to have to look at Rho's workshop, for sure. I pretty much wing the stitching. The books lay flat, but I have to cover the spine (because it's a mess!). Yours is sooooooo pretty!

    These art journal pages are awesome, Tam. Really beautiful and personal and just so *you*.

    Love you!

    EffyBird. ;)

    P.S. Antony NEVER fails to make me cry. <3 <3 <3

  16. Hi Tam
    Good luck with the IVF 'talks'! Thank god for someone else who likes Anthony and the Johnsons! My husband thinks I'm weird for liking the music. Will try your paint over collages too, they're lovely!
    Nia x


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