Thursday, 22 October 2009

willowing - halloween edition!

halloween!! muhahahahha

mixed media on watercolour paper

original sold
prints still available ($15 + shipping)

aaaaand the accompanying NEW ART VIDEO!! :-) yayyyyy, haven't done one is soooo long! hope you enjoy! x


other news. :)

life is still a blur of baby dylan. we're slowly but surely coming out of that a bit, i can do a bit of art here and there, go out where we can, but most projects and attempts to tidy the house, or even shower, don't make it far on the list of priorities. funny anecdote; i've been trying to make my own thai fishermen trousers for the last 3-4 weeks now. on the floor, in the living room lie several bits of old thai fishermen's trousers strewn all over the place and a roll of pattern paper onto which i managed to trace 3 out of the 7 parts that i need. eheh. that i a good illustration of how life is with baby; you don't get anything done. or if you do; a project that usually takes 2 days, now takes 4 weeks! even writing emails or blog posts can take several hours, if not days!!

but, did i tell you; it's all so worth it!

this creature, this being, it lives, breathes, gurgles, poos, coos and has now started smiling; and there isn't anything that has ever made me more happy in life! (that is not to say that i don't hope for a bit more art time etc, but all in good time, all in good time!). :D

last night was hard, as he's having gripe and tummy aches again, hardly got any sleep!! but andy looked after dylan in the morning for a bit and i got an extra 3 hours! seamless teamwork i tell ya! ;)

so, i'm still and mostly occupied by this new being, and for most of the time loving it. the thing that is the saddest is when he's in pain and i can't do much about it! but i've been told when they hit 3 months their digestive system will have matured and then pooing or gass isn't such an ordeal anymore! so another 2.5 weeks and he should be a bit happier! (fingers crossed).

here a few more pics and a vid of him this morning!

big love to you all.

ok, he looks darn cute in dark blue! ;) x on Twitpic very tough night with Dylan, but andy looked after him from 9... on Twitpic bunny in the head lights ;) on Twitpic
dylan and tam all halloweened up. (don't hate me! ;))  on Twitpic soooooooo pretty! :) on Twitpic out and about with new hat :0) on Twitpic

oh ps. now that we have dylan, i can't update my blog as often, but i update a lot more frequently on twitter (which gets forwarded to facebook), they are mini updates with lots of little pics and videos!

so for those who want to receive more frequent tam/ dylan updates;


☠ and a spookey goodbye to you! ☠ *muahahahaha*


  1. Such beautiful pictures of Dylan!! He is so cute!! :)

  2. Oh, how I have missed your videos. I think Dylan is the most adorable baby. I can feel your happiness through your video. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Lovely photos Tam! I love your beautiful colourful halloween picture too!xx

  4. awww. so sweet of you nelly!! big hugs! x

  5. She arrived this morning and she is even more gorgeous in the flesh that she looks on screen. :)

  6. I have a blog award for you :) Go here to see it:

  7. I watched your Halloween video and just loved it! I have been trying to replay it numerous times today and it keeps starting and stopping. Do you have any suggestions? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Happy Halloween!!



  8. hi lesli, sorry for late reply! very weird that it keeps starting and stopping, it works fine for me! did you play it here or on youtube? perhaps playing it straight on youtube makes a difference? thanks for your comment! x

  9. Tam-

    So very glad to hear that things are going well, and it's wonderful to see you in a new art video! I absolutely adore that gigantic kitty cat. :D

    The pics of baby Dylan are absolutely amazing. You are such a wonderful soul. It always brings me a smile to see what kinds of artful frolicks you have afoot!



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