Thursday, 28 May 2009

World of Whimsy - Mixed Media Art Workshop - For Sale on DVD!

Hello! :-) I'm so excited to be offering this workshop on DVD! Because I'll be giving birth soon, I won't be able to run this course for a while, so I thought how awesome would be if I produced it on DVD!! :-) And so I did! Now it's available for anyone who missed the first course! Yay! :)

All detailed info here:

World of Whimsy - Mixed Media Art Workshop

Learn to create your own whimsical mixed media characters and get in touch with your inner awesomeness on the way!

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What You're Buying

Please note: the two DVDs are DATA DVDs. The file formats of the videos on the DVDs are in .wmv and .mov. This means you cannot watch the files on your TV unless your DVD player specfically plays the above mentioned file formats. The files on the DVD can be played on PCs or MACs using either Quicktime (.mov files), VLC (both file types) or Windows Media Player (.wmv files). I strongly recommend Quicktime for the .mov files as the VLC player tends to distort the videos ever so slightly.

You get 2 DVDs which contain 9 wmv files, 9 mov files (duplicate of the wmv files) and 15 PDF files. A supply list will be sent with the DVD as well as a hard copy. The DVD case has a professionally printed sleeve covering it

Course outline

Art Outline
week 1 - Composition, layout, design of your piece.
week 2 - How to draw main elements of your piece & inspiration.
week 3 - Shading and filling in your elements.
week 4 - Background & layering.
week 5 - Embellishments, definitions & borders (frames).
week 6 - Adding inspirational, uplifting messages to your art (also
learning about fonts!)

Your pdfs will contain both technical guidance and will look into positive healing and self acceptance practises based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg (nonviolent communication, looking at feelings and needs), Eckhart Tolle (the power of now) and Byron Katie (the work).

Self-Acceptance/ Healing Outline—PDFs
week 1 - “There Is No Such Thing As Failure”
week 2 - “The Art of Acceptance”
week 3 - “Dancing with Monsters”
week 4 - “Being Here Now/ Feelings & Needs”
week 5 - “Who Would You Be Without Your Story?”
week 6 - “Being Incredibly Awesome”


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