Sunday, 3 May 2009

viva espagna!

so! OLA! we're in spain, all went well, airport navigation, flight, getting to the INCREDIBLY beautiful villa! (it's in this beautiful secluded area, the house is HUGE, the weather is amazing, not too hot, not too cold, it's super quiet and just stunning, the house is much bigger than i thought it would be, with a big beautiful garden and swimming pool, amazing!)

can't be long, but just wanted to say hi and ola and tell you how amazing it is!

an awesome way to celebrate my bday!

no internet access nearby though, so won't be around much, probably checking in on emails every 2-3 days or so!

oh, before i left, i worked until 3am to get this art video up before i left:

and this is the painting that was created in it:

painting for deanna - detail

painting for deanna - detail

painting for deanna

hope you're all ok! remember, no internet access so won't be responding any time soon!



  1. Happy birthday Tam. Hope you're having fun in sunny Spain.


Thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate you! <3


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