Sunday, 10 May 2009

sans cheese, sorcerers & weddings.

our villa in spain is, decidedly so, alive. particularly at night, it creaks and makes mysterious noises which make me wake up and worry about burglary. so far, it's simply the villa, making small talk with its neighbours, no burglars have been encountered yet, luckily. :)

i am reading 'the host' by stephenie meyer (from the twilight series), i'm enjoying it, she's dealing with some really interesting concepts; two minds living in one body, shades of violence and the relationship between strangers.

my dreams are vivid and complicated. i do intense nvc mediating in my dreams, one night, i mediated between a "wicked" sorcerer and a school boy, it was a success. however, last night, i dreamed that a girl wouldn't get out of my seat, and after many non-violent attempts of talking to her, i dragged her out. ha. i noted in the morning that that which was lacking in my attempts was; the intention to connect.

baby is really busy, particularly at night. sometimes it's as if he's trying to get out, and i tell him softly; 'not for a while yet, you must grow still, little boy, august is your time'.

yesterday, it rained. it was ok though; andy, hugh and myself took car trips to the local area. we braved our way into benidorm against all our primal instincts; it wasn't as bad as we feared, we also went to villa joyosa and calpe.

today is a cheese-free day. i've been overdosing on cheese way too much. most of what i've eaten here has consisted of; chips, crisps, cheese, bread, more cheese, more bread, almonds, pineapple juice and watermelon, oh and i had two days of gumball eating as well. so today i'm laying off the cheese (and gumballs), i'm gonna turn into a gouda chunk one day, or; will give birth to one.

i notice that the concept of mother's day annoys me. not so much because yes; it's a hallmark holiday like valentine's etc, but mostly because i think mother's day implies that mother's don't get celebrated on other days and they should be, but not just mothers; fathers, daughters and sons, as well. the very fact there is mother's day implies neglect on other days; i'd like to address that.

my mother never wanted us to celebrate mother's day and i think i'll continue that family tradition.

andy and i have decided to get married (this was decided about a month ago already). before anyone jumps up and down with joy and excitement; i don't do weddings. well, that is; i attend friends' weddings, if they're special, but i don't have my own. i know some people might colour me terribly unromantic, but i just don't see the point of spending a stupendous amount of money on 1 party. i've never liked it and still don't. andy and i are getting married for practical and legal reasons, it shouldn't cost us more than £40. i'm really not judging anyone who does like big weddings, their own or others, i just really want to warn people that; no big party, or even a wedding invite will come your way. sorry to disappoint. andy and i have always maintained that; "we are married every day"; ie: we celebrate our love every day, it's never not special. making it into a binding thing is not more of a declaration of our love, it's merely a practical & legal declaration of our love.

when i'm not lying by the pool reading books or doing art, i play peggle or ricochet on my trusty laptop. after finishing most of the challenges in peggle, i'm now obsessed with ricochet and the awesome balls it can produce; acid ball, sticky ball, bomb ball, multiball etc, it's a highly satisfying game.

last night, hugh and i watched a bit of eddie izzard. i was reminded by how much i enjoy taking the piss out of life.

ps. my favourite new drink is fanta lemon with lots of ice.


  1. Congratulations on your engagement, and well done not spending very much on it! There seems to be a fashion at the moment to take out mortgages to pay for it! Your dreams sound amazing, I could do with some like that :)

  2. Congrats on your not-big-fussy-wedding-to-be.
    I totally get you on that. I'm the same. If it only costs a few £s for a licence and the use of wherever you're holding it, why have all the fuss? It doesn't add anything to what you guys already have, it just gets rid of some potentially messy legal stuff. Baby Oddkidd is still going to have a wonderful family regardless :)

  3. Congrats on your engagement and for not wanting to do the whole big white wedding thing. I think my future mum-in-law is still hoping for a white dress and pink bows on the seats and more of that awful stuff-- no thanks!
    I'd like to get married in a field somewhere, and maybe get the local kebab van to do us some food. ;)

    Good to hear baby is doing so well!

  4. thanks guys!! :))) x

    lol @ rhomany (baby oddkidd hee!)

    @ eveline; i love your idea for a wedding!

  5. Makes me smile that all is well:-)

  6. thank you nina! *smiles back*



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