Tuesday, 23 December 2008

new art vid and art classes!!

hellu mah babies. andy and i are going away for 5 - 6 days, so i won't be on here for a while, apologies if you are waiting for comments/ emails etc i should be able to respond once i get back. but before i go, i just wanted to post my new art vid & info about the online art classes i'll be running end of feb next year .... (thanks to ya'll for filling in my poll btw!!)

info about the art classes can be found in the video, but i'll also post the banner & info below! hope you come and join.

new l'art;



art class ad:

online art classes

online art classes

Workshop 1 - World of Whimsy
This course will run for 6 weeks with a video & pdf file per week!
Course skill level: beginner & intermediate
Course fee: $65

Course outline
week 1 - 28th feb 2009: composition, layout, design of your piece
week 2 - 7th march 2009:how to draw main elements of your piece & inspiration
week 3 - 14th march 2009: shading and filling in your elements
week 4 - 21st march 2009: background & layering
week 5 - 28th march 2009:embellishments, definitions & borders (frames)
week 6 - 4th april 2009: adding inspirational, uplifting messages to your art

Your pdfs will contain both technical guidance and will look into positive healing and self acceptance practises based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg (nonviolent communication, looking at feelings and needs), Eckhart Tolle (the power of now) and Byron Katie (the work).

During the course, the aim is; learning new art techniques, having fun, getting in touch with your inner awesomeness and remembering that there is no such thing as failure! Only several ways that you don't want to do art!! (Thomas Edison , the man who invented the light bulb, said after he was asked if he wasn't discouraged about the amount of times he kept failing: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Now that's the spirit!)

online art classes


oh oh, ps. it comes with hilarious pictures too (yes i is a goof):

happy holidays and all that jazzzzz.



  1. Oh my gosh, I am so taking this course from you momma.


    Squee! :)))))

  2. Great video! Thanks for making it. Happy Holidays :)

  3. yay!! so glad you'll be taking the course! :D xx

  4. First congrats on starting a blog! I just stumbled upon it now...

    Your art classes sound tempting, not sure if I can find the time...(studying 150%), but I do love the way you move your brushes... would be nice to see some more.

    The video was grate! Your shading is pretty standard, following the classical moves. Everybody has there own colour skim lovely to see yours. AND as always inspirational.


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  7. hey Ewian!! i kept a blog on livejournal for years, but it's not suitable for public access, so I started this more artsy/ public blog!

    Thanks for your lovely comments, what do you study? You sound really busy! See how you go with the course, you can download the vids and watch them at your own leisure (they'll be about 45 mins each). Hope to see you there!

    Tam x

  8. A little tip in accordance to your video, Derwent has some grate water-soluble graphite pencils, just called "Derwent sketching" they comes in HB, 2B and 4B (maybe more) they are grate when it comes to shading as a better alternative (in my opinion) to regular graphite when using watercolour, have not tried them on acrylics though...

    Studies, I am taking science for teachers (100%) and IT for pedagogues in the educational system (50%)

    Course: I'll check back when you have opened up the registry, hopefully I'll be done planning my reading schedules by then, and will be able to see if I find the time. If not I'll have to do a large catch up when the summer comes...


  9. You are amazing and lovely!!! and of course a great artist!! I just want to let you know you are my inspiration and I check out your website everyday. Thank you!! <3 (I know the comment might be a bit creepy :P, sorry--just excited)


Thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate you! <3


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