Sunday, 7 December 2008

meet the tweedles!

"helping us learn to accept ourselves as we are"

There once was a girl who liked to make puppets. When she was young the world told her she wasn’t perfect and therefore less lovable than other more perfect children. For a long time in her life, she tried to become perfect, she did everything she could to; look better, make better things, sneeze better, chew better, smile better and have better hair, until one day, she woke up and realised that “perfection” isn’t about changing what is, no, it is about accepting what is. It is about the ability to accept your imperfections and love them for what they are. She even started wondering if there was such a thing as ‘imperfections’ in the first place, boy, lights switched on in her head that day.

So since that day she started striving to accept all her supposedly ‘imperfections’. Now, she is not gonna lie to you; it wasn’t easy, voices in her head kept telling her; “you are wrong! What are you doing? Why aren’t you working on making yourself more perfect?! You are so below average, better improve, like, EVERYTHING you are and do or no one will love you.” But the girl insisted; my imperfections are perfect, just as they are. People who can see that too will love me and I will love them. And then she started telling the voices; you are perfect, as you are, too! The voices were a bit stumped by that response initially, and some sputtered and protested, but slowly they started to change their tune as well.

The girl kept working on accepting her imperfections, but when she was making art or puppets or sang some songs, the old voices sometimes came back saying; “that isn’t good enough, ugh, that is so ugly, you should stop making things altogether, you’re so bad at it”. And for a while, the girl started believing the voices again. She became quite miserable as striving for perfection would, because ‘perfection’ is elusive and mythological in nature and really there isn’t really such a thing, but the voices were so loud, the girl didn’t have a hope in hell to realise it.

Then, one day, one of the puppets she had just created but ‘wasn’t perfect enough’ started talking to her. The conversation went like this;

Puppet: Hello maker, how are you today?
Girl: I’m unhappy, I just spent 6 hours on making you, but you’re all wrong.
Puppet: I’m all wrong? Really? I rather fancy myself.
Girl: *giggles*, really? But 2 of your 4 legs are shorter than the other two and you look a bit lopsided. Also, your hair is slightly in the wrong place.
Puppet: And?
Girl: Well, that isn’t very perfect is it now?
Puppet: I think I am perfect just as I am. I love all of my legs and my hair, and I also love that I have no arms. I love you too, btw, thank you for making me and spending all that time on me.
Girl: Wow, thank you, Puppet, I think I’m gonna call you Tweedle, do you like that name?
Puppet: I love it.
Girl: Thank you, Tweedle, for reminding me to accept my imperfections.
Tweedle: What is an imperfection?
Girl: That is a good question, I am not sure. I think it’s when something doesn’t conform to certain rules.
Tweedle: Which rules? Who’s rules?
Girl: Again; a good question, not sure, perhaps society’s rules?
Tweedle: Sounds to me that your definition of perfection is a bit wishy washy and unclear.
Girl: Yes, very true.
Tweedle: To me, perfection is the ability to accept what you call ‘imperfections’.
Girl: I know, I agree!! I’ve been telling myself that for years. I really do strive to accept my ‘imperfections’.
Tweedle: Oh you do?
Girl: Yes!
Tweedle: Well, I’m a little sad then.
Girl: Why?
Tweedle: Well, you try to accept your own ‘imperfections’ but what about mine? I have to change and be better and learn to be different to what I am to be accepted by you?
Girl: I never thought of it that way Tweedle, now I’m a bit sad too.
Tweedle: Why?
Girl: I never realised that by judging my creations I am still not entirely accepting myself as I am. I want to from now on try to both accept my own imperfections but ALSO the imperfections of my creations!
Tweedle: That makes me feel so relieved. I really feel happy because I value being accepted for who I am!
Girl: I love you Tweedle, just as you are.
Tweedle: I love you too, just as you are!

And so the girl decided that no matter how ‘imperfect’ her creations were, she was going to accept them and send them into the world anyway.


Tweedles are some of my creations that I initially deemed 'imperfect' and not suit for sale. After talking to Tweedle (the first ever 'imperfect' plush creation), I realised that there is a lot to be gained from having a Tweedle around to remind us to accept our own and other people's imperfections.

Therefore, Tweedles, are now sold to help spread the message of self acceptance in the world! Their 'imperfection' or 'Tweedle Factor' helping you remember to accept your own imperfections (they so perfectly accept their own you see).

Each Tweedle will cost between $5,- to $15 depending on size plus about $5,- shipping.

Each Tweedle comes tagged with a 'w' on the front of the tag and a 't' on the back of the tag - this indicates true 'tweedle-ship'. Other plush items in my stores are simply tagged with a 'w'.

Tweedles are one of a kind and there will never be another Tweedle like it seeing that a puppet only becomes a Tweedle when it contains unintended 'imperfections'. I will not attempt to create a similar Tweedle with similar 'imperfections' nor will I try to create deliberate Tweedles.

Tweedle Factors(TF) or 'the imperfections' will be listed in the description section.

Tweedles plan on healing the entire world (for serious)!

visit the tweedles at

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  1. These are so cute they remind me of the cumon adverts we have in the Uk. My mum is mad about them. Truly cute little toys. You really have a gift for making these.


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