Tuesday, 2 December 2008


baron loveheart and flora the penguin have just been sold! awww. i'm gonna miss them!

fret not however, i'm about to create a new 'one of a kind' penguin, i'm excited about what sort of character she is going to be. :-) watch this space. x

and a big thank you to the buyer! ♥


  1. Hi Tam,
    How are you? Been thinking about you and hope your feeling better. Love everything you've been working on, as always. :) Take care of yourself.


  2. Hi Terry! Thanks for dropping by. :) Feeling a lot better thanks. My back has improved a lot, but I still have numbness in my legs here and there, this should though, heal I've been told! :) how are you? x

  3. I will miss Flora...she was on my christmas wishlist...looking forward to seeing the new penguin although flora is going to be a tad hard to top..she was just too cute!

  4. hey kairen! it will indeed be hard to top flora, but watch this space, the new penguin will be called sunshine and oh i have such fun plans for her! :) ooxoxo


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