Friday, 28 November 2008

acrylic transfers. :)

i did art. yay.

i did some cool acrylic transfers of two of my photographs and did some mixed media/ healing with it like so;

inner child healing

the middle image of the child is me as a child! :) (awwww), it's from this picture:

(but then reversed as it is a transfer)
i scanned it, printed it and transferred it.
i am no older than 3 there - yeah, i know, it looks a little like i'm no older than minus 100 there (hee hee) with the sepia and old look there, but zhe truth is; my mum had a thing for 'old looking' photos so she hired a photographer especially. this pic was taking in the 70ties, not in the early 1900s hee hee. ;)

and the lower pic is another pic of me, this one:

(again; reversed as it's a transfer)

i enjoyed doing this piece, definitely very mixed media, loads of different materials; crayons, fabric, scrapbooking stickers, scrapbooking papers, book pages, rubber stamps, sheet music, gold leaf (or rather silver), ribbon, rub ons, acrylic paint, stickers.

but i miss the drawing. ha. it's more collage than drawing, and i like drawing so much! :)

mostly i wanted to see if i could get this gel transfer to work nicely, they're a bit vague but nice enough i think!

i've done more art and new [experimental, hilariously deformed] puppets, but not scanned/ photographed them yet, should appear somewhere sometime soon!!


ok, hope everyone's good, happy thanksgiving to my americanosies. :) and happy whatever else to everyone else.

oh PS.

if you use this link:

as a search engine instead of google, you'll help raise money for breast cancer research!

big love. x

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  1. Beautiful photos!
    Nice shot of you with short hair!

    Mariette xox


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