Saturday, 15 November 2008

hello the world!

So, I've been updating my site with a lot of new stuff! Most importantly I now have a site shop and a new 'news' page, which is this one, I hope! (yay!)

I have recently finished my commissions for the lady who wanted me to draw 4 portraits of her and her friends, this is the latest in the bunch:


and this is all 4 of them together, the ribbon symbolically connecting them all:

all 4 girls connected

i've also been playing with mixing digital with "actual" art and loved what came of it:


this is basically an unfinished painting (i'd only done the face and i did the rest with photoshop :-)


ok, in other news, i am now selling postcards!!!


card set - whimsical creatures


4 notecards of the little littles.

if you want to scrutinize these funky little cards, check out my flickr account here.

these are all for sale in my etsy shop!

and the news doesn't just stop there, i've been making puppets/ soft toys and they are for sale as well!

my latest two cute puppets are willy and flora:

willy the love cat

flora the penguin

aren't they just adorable? well i think so! :)

and now that i'm using this new format for my news/ blog updates, you can leave comments if you want, yay! :)


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