Sunday, 23 November 2008

a pair of underwater pearls

been pretty sick with back ache and some other medical issues, but managed to find some energy for new art vid and some new stuffed toys. :)

the art video is a bit of a random one. i do a mini tutorial on drawing hands and i am working on a painting inspired by josee savaria whose paintings make me drool.

also, i bought a mini moleskin a while ago, it was meant as a spiritual diary but i've been doodling more in it on the train every day, can only really use pencil as i'm on the train, so some pics of recent girl doodles below.

the painting i'm working on in the vid, will have a girl in it like in the doodles below.

uhm, what else?

oh yes; i put a load more stuff up in my etsy shop again, so go check it out :-) (if you want of course). here are the latest listings:

latest etsy
latest etsy
latest etsy

on and made this new cute bear named by andy as baron heartlove (supername me thinks! ;)):

baron heartlove
of course, he too, is for sale.

want to thank everyone who's been sweet to me, leaving comments and sending love and healing vibes during this scary time for me. you know i love you guys right? and uhm; you like, so totally very much rock!



  1. hope you feel better soon-thanks for the new video and the pics of your drawings (I LOVE them!)

  2. thanks Trish! so exciting, you left a comment on my new blog, you're the first! yay! x

  3. Thank you for having the lesson on shading. I have questions on the new art, inspired by Josee. What are you using to glue the scraps of paper? Are you using canvas in this work?

    Hope you fell better!

  4. hi debra! yes, i am working on canvas in this video and i use soft gel medium (golden) to glue the papers to the canvas. hope that helps! x


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