Thursday, 14 June 2012

New Mini Art Workshop: Summer Girls

I'm very excited to announce that I'm currently preparing a new Mini Art Workshop which will be available to join in the next 2 weeks or so! :) Lately, these 'summery' girls with kind faces have been 'coming to me' and I had quite a few people asking me if I did lessons on them and so I thought: why not?! :) Let me do one! So, here are some still shots of the lesson. I'll teach you exactly how to make a girl like this and we'll create a beautifully textured and layered mixed media background. :)

It'll be fun and affordable as it won't be a 6 week sort of thing, more like a 3 hour or so workshop where you can follow me create this painting from start to end. :) Yay! Will announce when it goes up for sale soon. x


  1. What wonderful work you make Tam. And this summer girls are so beautiful. I hope very much to learn a lot from you. I have just registered with art, heart & healing, but still look how everything works. This is awesome work.
    Lovely greet
    Marja (The Netherlands)

  2. What a fabulous idea - LOVE your gorgeous girls!!

  3. Ooo this looks great, I'd love to do the workshop.


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