Friday, 15 June 2012

Life Book and how it changes people's lives

When I conceived the idea of Life Book I knew it would be amazing, life altering, transforming and super good fun. And when I receive messages from Life Book members who confirm this, it's brilliant and heartwarming and makes me want to do handstands and rolliepollies! :D
Here is one such message from Steven (shared with permission):
Hi Tam,
I just wanted to say how much Life Book has transformed my daily life. I originally joined with the intention of 'observing from afar' the techniques and lessons and the fact that there were so many teachers involved really appealed to me - I was interested in moving my style along from a stuffy traditional water colorist more down the mixed media route. I had no intention of posting my work, commenting and generally getting involved.
How wrong could I be !!!
I have a long day at work, but all new comments come through to my phone - I can't wait for it to beep!
I am completely enthralled by the work people produce, and I am excited daily to turn on my lap top and see the new lessons and goodies people have posted.
There are people like Peaceful and Glycerine, Hartelief and Lea who not only make me laugh with some of their humorous comments, they are all so kind and supportive and give you such a boost sometimes when you need it. Although I have not met any of these people, spread far and wide across the world, I feel I have grown to know them through their comments and work and that makes me happy.
My art and ability is definitely improving daily because of my involvement with Life Book.
Really what I want to say is thank you, thank you, thankyou - for the GIFT you have given us here, and it must take all of your energy to put something like this together particularly having to cope with the day to day battles of running around after a young family - I do not know how you do it.
I really appreciate all your work, and I am already saving up to pay for (hopefully) something similar next year perhaps ?!! - I would simply be lost without Life Book and the lovely people who are its Life Blood.
Sorry to ramble, but I just thought if you ever wonder sometimes ' is it worth all the hassle?' there are hundreds of people who I am sure would say to you yes ,yes it sooooo is!
Thanks Tam,
Steve :-)
These sort of message make me SO SO happy. It feels awesome to be a catalyst for people's creative and personal development & growth. It's SO wonderful for me to know that people find community on my site and that they look forward to the lessons or the comments and the connections established with arty friends all over the globe.

This is exactly how I hoped it would be. Thank you Steve and thank you to all the Life Book Teachers and all the Life Book members that have made this such an incredible experience.

And psssst, preparations for Life Book 2013 are most definitely on the way! :D


  1. You are changing lives, Tam! Life Book 2013! Great! But please take care of yourself, you busy girl!

  2. I'm so glad my comments made you happy Tam - I can't thank you enough for what you have created. Don't forget to think of 'numero uno' sometimes ! LB'13 :- Count me in, I wouldn't miss it for the world :-)

  3. Sorry my last comment came up as unknown - needed to upgrade google profile. :-)

  4. OOps Try again ! - Techno Numpty !!!

  5. Try again.. I'm a techno numpty!!!

  6. Great! I plan on doing LifeBook 2013! It gives me just enough time to do Fabulous Faces first. :) Love you, Tam!

  7. sure, I'll stay next year as well, need gave me confidence in nice to exchange, learn, cry and laugh together !!! Steven, your compliments made me blush !!!
    love to all...

  8. Oh Bless Steve (who has now renamed himself Techno Numpty, lol) - what a lovely gent. I second everything Steve's said. Monday's are so much better since Lifebook came into being thanks to you and all the other wonderful artists involved Tam.


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