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Friends come in all shapes and sizes
"Friends Come in all Shapes and Sizes"
Available as a fine art print - 12 x 8" - Giclee

In Tam news. :-)

It's been busy. The digital course is in its 2nd week and going well! I'm LOVING what the students are doing and it's enjoyable for me to run a course that isn't mixed media for a change. It's very different, and I am learning a lot too. Everyone knows something different about photoshop and we're all sharing tips and tricks! So cool! :)

I'm also in the early stages of preparing my new YEAR LONG course which will start on 1st of January 2012 which I am SO excited about. The course is called: 'Life Book - an honouring and celebrating of YOU'. The idea is that students make 1 or more pages each month which they will compile in to a life book at the end of the year. It will be a glorious book that celebrates and honours everything about them. There will be one mixed media lesson by me each month PLUS 1 lesson by a guest teacher and prompts and other exercises each alternate week! It's going to be huge, fun, amazing and awesome! :)

In the mean time I'm also still pregnant! I'm now 21 weeks, a little beyond half way through and I'm struggling with my health a bit. I keep getting RA flare ups (much more than with Dylan) and I also keep catching colds and stuff. It makes me very tired and headachey. It makes things a bit harder as I need a lot of sleep and generally find it harder to remain motivated and concentrated. Anyhoo!

Dylan went through another week of being extra hard to deal with (just generally not happy, very needy and whiny), but in the last couple of days he's been his happy cheery self again.

Here is a funny vid of us. We can see ourselves in this video hence they are so funny!

Now, onto something else. I've been thinking about 'making it big' in the art industry, and one thing that is always advised and stipulated is that to get really established as an artist you need to have a strong clear art style and stick to it. So that your work is recognisable to people.

My problem with that is: doesn't it get a big boring? I enjoy doing whimsy girls one day, and then the next day I want to do more grunge realistic stuff. I find it boring to just choose a girl and draw her in a million different positions, which seems to be what some of the more established artists are doing.

My question to you, dear reader is, do you think my style(s) is recognisable no matter what style I use, ha ha. I mean, look, here is a range of my styles that I consider different from each other:

you shine sister 2

Whimsy / Stylised Portraits

Timeless Wisdom Friends come in all shapes and sizes

grunge - collage paint soul / digital work whimsy

And then I do illustration too, like:

giraffe juice I

So, as you can see, it's quite varied. Yet, can you recognise all of them to be me?

And if not, which of these styles do you think I "should" pursue? (I'm still not sure I really want to only do one, but hey).

Thanks for reading and commenting! x Oh! also, I don't always comment back on my blogger account because I don't have a guarantee the recipient reads them (you don't get notified unless you ticked the email me option), so please know that though I don't always comment, I DO read and appreciate deeply all your comments! ooox

PS. Muffinballs is my favourite new word


  1. Yes, you have your own, unique style and can be always identified, it is true that some artists paint always the same characters and the truth is that to get bored - maybe not them but the rest of us...:) Listen to your inner voice and do not restrict your talent .. . I must add - you're very good teacher and do not give up teaching ...

  2. One thing I love most about you (I like every bit of you btw) is that... you're freaking honest and open with who you are and I think you stand out in that way. I always believe that no matter what kind of ART we do, as long as we stay true to who we are in our heart and show other people that they can also be who they are and have no problem standing up for themselves is the best thing. This is my opinion =) As you know and as I have said this numerous times, the reason you pulled me out of depression (and being the only one out of 6 billion people in this world) is that you were completely fine with who you are and you showed me that I can be completely who I am despite all the environment around me. That counts !!!

  3. I hope your RA sorts itself out. Both me and my boyfriend have it so I completely understand the flair ups. Being pregnant and looking after a toddler during those isn't easy and my hat comes off to you :o)

    I think you have a definite style and the only one which might be hard to identify you with is the illustration. But seeing as that is a whole different market, that must surely be a good thing!

    Take care of yourself xxx

  4. Maybe the word "style" needs to be redefined because all the pics you posted, yes they are unique in their own way, but at the same time they're also all similar too...they are your "style" and to me your work is very recognizable.

    I don't think you need to conform to anything else or try to styalize your work to what someone else thinks it should be based on "rules". Rules are meant to be broken anyway and we break so many of them in mixed media art, don't we? ;-)

    DO YOU and stay happy. The rest will fall in to place.

  5. Tam - I have only been around your fabulous art and your amazing soul for about a month and I can tell you that I already recognize your artwork. Perhaps it is something in the eyes of your creations - I can see your soul in there too. I think all the examples you showed LOOK like YOU! I would definitely identify them as one of your creations. I appreciate you asking your followers but I hope you can follow that truth inside of yourself regardless of what anyone else says. You know, deep down, what is right for you – DO IT no matter what anyone else says. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Be kind to yourself. Sending you healing, wisdom, and courage.

  6. You get a lot of advice on the internet these days about how you make it big. But the thing is if there was one magic formula we would all be big right now. :) Something works for someone that might not work for somebody else.

    What I found is that those who do make it big don't necessarily have their own style but they have a passion and a message. Besides that you need some good old luck as well. :) I have no doubt about that no matter what others might say or no matter how much they are trying to convince us that they were just like us before they made it and if they can do it anybody can.:)

    So keep on doing what you're doing, Tam, cause you must be doing something right. :) Don't worry too much about one style just do what your heart tells you in as many styles as you want. :)

  7. With the exception perhaps of the illustration I think most of your work is definitely recognizable as yours. With regards to illustration I would think there more than anywhere you have to follow someonelse's ideas as much as your own so I can see that being somewhat different.

    But I have to say I simply love your art ALL of it. And I don't think you can make it big without being true to you and I honestly don't see you being happy with just one specific style. I love your art and your spirit which I believe shines through in your art and that is why I have purchased a couple of your pieces.

  8. I am not sure I would know that you did both the whimsy girl and the giraffe, since they are so different. BUT that being said, you need to stay true to yourself. Don't do art for the sake of wanting to make it big. Do art because it is good for your soul. If you make it big in the process then that is extra bonus points!

  9. Hi Tam, Since I only started following you this year, I recongnized all but the 1st whimsy pic and the illustration. Consequently, these are the styles I like... Anything you do is wonderful tho!

    I sincerely wish you extra strength in dealing with your RA right now. I know it is so painful and draining.
    Hugs, Jessi xox

  10. I think your work is so immediately identifiable as 'Willowing' that those of us who have taken your classes are often immediately identifiable as "Tam's student". I know I am often asked if I studied with you. <3

    I think you could totally license your work. I'd love to buy "Willowing" note cards, greetings cards, etc.

    I'm soooo bummed to hear that your RA is giving you trouble, Tam. *Pets you* That really sucks. :(

    And YEAH LIFE BOOK! I can't *wait*!

  11. Hmm interesting question. I would say that yes, I do recognise your style (except probably the giraffe). So clearly we're thinking faces!

    I can easily see your whimsey, grunge and stylised portraits as cards, stationery etc.

    Hope you feel better.

  12. Ha ha Muffinballs, where did that come from!?! My own personal view is that some artists have a very distinctive style and never change, and yes its instantly recognisable. BUT I think I would get very bored doing the same old thing, I to have different styles, I find it impossible to stick to one thing - celebrate being unpredictable then no one knows what to expect! Who wants a room full of the "same old style"? x xxxx

  13. No matter what you do, the eyes on your girls give it away as yours. I think if you can have one recognisable feature, you're pretty much guaranteed to be recognisable even if you have different styles. I've been experimenting with consistent eyes and frames on mine, because I like a clean, contained look.

  14. I can only repeat what all the others say. keep going and do what you feel is right. I think having some traumas as a child means we often have already made a decision but we need confirmation that the decision is right.

    if you were to look at my blogs I do all sorts of things & although I would love to make a living doing arty things, I also don't think I have a style as I am still learning & developing as an artist but I hope I will always be doing this (developing). I enjoy doing so many thing I also don't want to be tied to one particular medium.

    I love your work and I do think that the 1st four items I would recognise as being yours & illustrations are so different. (fab giraffe character though;0)

    The only other thing I would advise is get your self published in magazines and then lots will recognise your style and who knows maybe ranger or the like will come knocking good luck in for filling your dreams ;0)

    Love Dawn xx

  15. Oh and Dylan was adorable in his vid ;0) he made me cuckle lots Dxx

  16. Hey Tam, I'll make this short but sweet, as I see there has been a lot of replies already.

    Your style shines through in each of the top 4 artworks. I can definitely spot your work from others in each of these 4 styles. I think anyone who is familiar with your work would agree.

    I'm not as familiar with your illustration work, and may not recognize it as being you, although it is just as brilliant.

    Stick with what you feel like doing at any given time. If it feels good, then how can it be wrong.

    If you want to visit another artist who says she is trying different styles and is wondering which works best for her (although it is so obvious all the great artworks are done by her), please visit Micki from 'The secret Hermit'.

    I hope this helps dear Tam.

    Kyles xo

  17. I think everyone else has nailed it re your style: you do differenet types of works but there is a Tamness/Willowingness that binds them all together.

    That really sucks about the RA. I thouht it was supposed to get better during preg?

    I am sooooooo excited about the year long course, it sounds completely awesome. I think it would suit me quite well because it's less intense yet still consistent.

    Sorry for typos, am using Andrew's phone!

  18. Phooey to those that think you need a definite style!!!

    If the viewer is familiar with your style, then they can "recongise" it. I'm not familiar with your illustrations, but if I saw enough of them I would be.

    Yes, it would get VERY boring doing the same thing, but even if you try a different style of painting, you still end up putting your own twist on it, so its still "your style". Does that make sense?

    As for making it "big" I reckon in all your students eyes, (and I'm one of them) you already are and will continue to keep growing.
    I would be devastated if you ever stopped! (but I'd understand and be happy for you in whatever you decided to do! ♥)

    And your health; I know darln, I so know... I know what its like. It sucks. You keep battling and trying to stay positive, because the only other alternative is to give up - and that's not an option when it's your life annd health. I get so tired of people saying, "oh, you deal with it so well!!!' Really makes me wonder, what exactly do they expect me to do? ;)

    Tam, your an amazing woman, clearly an exceptional loving mother as well as an astute business woman, a very talented artist with an open, honest, caring heart, of course, your simply gooorgeous looking with a soul that shines through to show a personality that is warm, genuine, authentic, funny and makes people feel good about themselves.

    I really believe that where we are right now, in time, is where we are meant to be, for whatever reason.

    Keep doing what your doing Tam, it is working. ♥♥♥ :)

  19. I think "shoulds" are overrated . . . and, as you said, boring. I say do what you've been doing, because it's brilliant.

  20. I have been a fan for a long time and love everything that you do. I can tell that it is your work even with the variations. Everything that you do is beautiful. I wouldn't care what the guidelines are, do what makes you happy and if that means a different kind of art a day then go for it. You are surrounded by love and support either way :)

  21. The top four are all recognisably your work. Perhaps they share more similarity than you realise - a certain expression in the face, a layering into the background, mottos and stamps.
    I've not seen your illustrative work before - that is more unique and I love it. Always do what you want; never get bored or be boring. Keep being you, Tam coz you is awesome!

  22. Your art makes my heart sing. Always. So, yes, that's a thread through all of it for me. There's depth and a passion in your artwork that I respond to, it's almost like the energy of it speaks to me. I expect that same quality of energy would be there whatever you painted in. I love seeing the different subjects that you come up with, it stretches me and inspires me. I'd be sad if you narrowed it down, wouldn't that feel like pinching something off? I love your exploration and expansion. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that all of your art is so you because you've created it and it feels like I'm responding on a deep energy level and I just feel good when I look at your art. And that, for me, runs through all you do regardless of style. I mean, why just paint everything blue when you can use all the colours of the rainbow and still create something that touches souls?


Thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate you! <3


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