Thursday, 23 June 2011

And the sex of our baby number 2 is ......


it's a blueberry boy, not a girl!!

(all healthy btw too!)

I'll be honest, my initial response was disappointment. I had been bonding with and fantasising about a girl for months. And this person I had envisioned, this little girl I had been connecting with and bonded with suddenly vanished with a poof and the sight of a little willy on the sonogram screen!

I shed a few tears and connected with why I was so sad. And it was indeed just that: the person who I thought was coming, wasn't, so it felt like a loss of some sorts.

But now, after a few hours, I'm already loving the idea of bonding with a new boy and finding out all about what he's going to be like when he's here. I also really love the idea that this little one will have a big brother in Dylan and that there is -hopefully- going to be brotherly bonding and connecting with each other! Another positive about this is that rheumatism is much less prevalent in males than in females and seeing that we have RA in the family a lot, it's a good thing that this baby is a boy too.

So, I'm excited, but am also still getting used to the fact that I'll never have a daughter. (After this baby I cannot have another child as I need to get back onto my proper meds (which are lethal to a baby), I can't keep going on steroids for much longer you see. But maybe, when we're super rich and can live a leisurely life, we'll adopt a girl one day! :)

I know, this gender thing seems somehow minor, and I'm partly surprised by how much I'm affected by the fact that it's another boy, but hey, this is what's up for me at the moment, so there you have it.

I'm over the moon of course, that all body parts seem to be in order at this point!



  1. Gefeliciteerd Tam, toch ook leuk 2 jongens al moet ik ook heel eerlijk zeggen dat ik blij was dat de eerste een meisje was.
    Ik weet niet gewoon het gevoel van een moeder denk, maar heb ook 2 jongens waar ik blij mee ben.

  2. *SQUEEEE*
    Congrats love!!
    Oh ma lord how exciting! Will be reet smashing when he arrives :D

  3. Congrats Tam!!! I'm pregnant too and due in August. I can completely relate with your disappointment! I'm having girl #4 and was so hoping for a little boy this time around but I guess we're just meant to have what we have! The wonderful thing is that little Dylan and your new baby will be the best of friends and inseperable as my girls are!

  4. Yippie! I was totally getting a "boy" vibe from over here. (Honestly, I'm a little shocked that I guessed right, because usually I'm totally backwards when it comes to guessing baby genders. I suppose Iris's Jupiter set my vibes right, since he was the first baby I ever guessed right, and so far my baby radar has been set in the right direction.)

    It's totally understandable that you'd be feeling sad at first, since you had already started forming the ideas of the little person, and now that little person turns out to be a totally different person... but one thing remains the same: That little baby is your baby, made of love, growing in love, and soon to be born in love. <3

    Someday, you might have daughters, if your sons get married! My mother only had me, but she gained a son. My mother in law only had a son, but she gained a daughter. Someday, you might gain two! (And you don't even have to birth them and change their pooey nappies. You get to skip right to the "girl's day out" , watching click flicks, and bonding over chocolate together part. What a great deal!)

    I'm so excited for you and your family, Tam.
    *big sparkly hugs and blue ribbons*

  5. That's wonderful news - a healthy baby! :)
    You must need boys in your life to keep you grounded! ;)

  6. I remember that feeling *so* well when I found out my second, Max, was indeed a boy. My pregnancy with him was so drastically different with him to Zack, so I was sure. Until a few weeks before, 3 people I knew had found out they were having girls. I just knew then that he'd be a boy.
    I was a bit disappointed, but now I *adore* my two boys! I wouldn't have it any other way. :) xxx

  7. Congrats Tam! I totally acknowledge your feel of disappointment, it's okay as you are entitle to them, we all have some sort of expectations upon finding out we are pregnant. As you said though you are starting to bond with this sweet new life and I'm sure you will be bless with a daughter in someway in your life.

    Many sparkling blessing to you and your growing family Tam! Can't wait til you share his name, how exciting.

    Creative Blessings,
    ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.•´Allurynn ॐ ´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.•´ ..•´

  8. Congrats Tam!! I am glad he is healthy. As you know I really understand and connect with your disappointment. I'm here if you want to talk!

  9. congrats Tam. I have 3 boys. I was really pleased that our first would have a brother, then number 3 came along as a big suprise and I secretly wished for a girl, but it wasn't to be. I do think I would have been a great Mum to a girl, and would have loved all the girly pink etc. BUT I am blessed to have my 3 boys, they are all so different, and its been an honour to be their Mum and watch them grow. They have a great bond too which is great to see. wishing you many blessings and much happiness :)

  10. Congratulations on the baby boy. Disappointment is natural, expected, and okay. I think you hit it nail on - it is a loss. You lost what you were expecting and planning for. So this news is a transition and transition, though wonderful, is always a bit hard. That said - I cant wait for all your expectations and plans for your wonderful baby boy. How exciting!

  11. well congratulations! it is nice that you can be honest about your feelings. some people will not like that and some people would have kept it to themselves. you are brave, but we learned that in the 30 days of blogging.
    hugs all round!

  12. OHHHHH Congratulations! these kids are so incredibly lucky to have you as their mother (as you are to have them) You truly are an amazing soul and your honesty is much appreciated and understood. HUgs, Maggie

  13. Congratulations! I agree with Juliet! Thanks for sharing your feelings and being honest. You are definitely entitled to them. Your boys will be great together! I don't know how adoptions work in England, but I wish you the best of luck. You would be doing something great for a little girl!

  14. Many CONGRAULATIONS Tam, Mr Tam & Blueberry's big bro ♥♥

    I was heartbroken when I found out my 3rd was a boy! He's 4 now and everyone adores him to bits.. he's my guardian angel and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Things happen as they are suppose to! Keep well..xx
    Love and Best wishes. Gez..xx

  15. Many many congratulations to you and Andy, and of course to Dylan. Maybe this is the way things are meant to be. After all you have said that the RH is worse in girls, so having boys might be your way of having children that you give birth to. Maybe like you say you will adopt a little girl, maybe from Sri Lanka? The idea that one day a little girl will be waiting for you to adopt her and to join your family of two boys to love and protect her. Beverley xx

  16. Hi Tammy,
    Congratulations to you and Andy on growing another boy.
    Truly, I have two sons and love them dearly.
    Funny~when i was pregnant with the second and the pregnancy was soo different, I was concerned it was a girl. (I'm the oldest of five girls) When my second son was born, I was over the moon.
    My guys are now 17 & 20 and are the best mates I've ever seen together.
    As long as you have some wonderful girlfriends to do girly stuff with, You'll be just fine.
    Gentle hugs,

  17. I am so happy for you. You will be so happy with another little boy. You can always sneak in a little pink while he is young.

  18. that is so exciting, congratulations! :) You will have so much fun!

  19. Congratulations! Not to worry Tam, your daughters will come to you when your boys choose their sweethearts, later on in life. Isn`t that a wonderful thought....

  20. How exciting! Better of course to know now than to get a shock at the birth!:)xx

  21. Congrats Tam! Yes, a little fairy princess would have been nice but I imagine Dylan will love to have a little brother to play with. And the RA thing - sometimes the universe knows best...
    Hugs, Jessi xox

  22. That happened to me too. At 19 weeks they told me it was a girl so we named her and I bonded with my little girl, but at 28 weeks they found out that it was wrong and I was having a boy. I cried the whole day. I felt like I had to mourn the loss of my baby girl before I could accept that I was having a baby boy. All in all I am totally happy that I had a boy. I wouldn't change him for anything in the world.
    Good luck to you and your beautiful family! :)

  23. Oh Tam, congrats darln! I so know how you feel though... my meds have prevented me from having children and I still feel it... But, I'm lucky enough that my partner has 2 wonderful boys and I love them dearly, (despite being outnumbered in the house by 1-5, the dogs are also male!). It just means that you will be the Queen of Hearts amongst your adoring Princes... ♥♥♥

  24. A new baby brother for Dylan! How exciting for all of you. I am so happy for you, and am remembering when I found out the sex of my first three children....after they were born! Sometimes hours later because I was so medicated. But that was in the 1960's......My fourth child was adopted from Korea, so I knew early on, of course.
    It is such an exciting part of life and I loved my I have 14 grandchildren, so it goes by too quickly.

  25. Girls are way more expensive anyway. But, how wonderful for you.. two boys.. It's great to have 2 of the same sex.. they will play and hang out together. Congratulations, Tam and Andy...and little Dilby.


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