Thursday, 16 December 2010

Open Your Soul and Listen

open your soul

Open Your Soul and Listen
(for sale here)

Today started with me being vomited upon about 5 times and ended with a lovely quiet dinner with the most amazing man in the world (dinner was: salad with avocado, carrots, red onion, smoked salmon and baby potatoes). In between the morning and the evening, more vomiting happened, but also; cooing, hugging, dancing, laughing, being silly, kindness from people, support from Andy, paint everywhere on my hands, fingers, clothes, carpet and chair. There was gold leaf, shimmery fabric, paint water accidental spills and warm heaters blasting warm air. I drank yummy grape juice, worried about Dylan, felt confused and annoyed with the post office and then happy hearing from a happy customer. Neck ache and fatigue, compassion and empathy. Giggles and teasing, pink vests, white headphones and finally space again on my iPhone.

Very moved by something my brother sent, touched by my mother and father and their love. Thinking about pregnant friends, secretly hoping to be pregnant again. Little Dylan arms reaching out to me, breastfeeding, breastfeeding, breastfeeding. Playing peggle, losing. Playing peggle, winning. Talking, connecting, feeling deeply and then not deeply enough. Emailing. Emailing. Re-watching Alias - loving (and missing) Marshall Flinkman. Not drinking enough water, drinking too much diet coke. Struggling with food intake. Mesmerised by Dylan asleep, rosy cheeks, button nose. Thirsty.


I visited Kelly Rae's blog earlier today and came across this paragraph which a friend of hers wrote about parenting:

Have unrelenting acceptance for that which is unrelenting

In a hard moment that first week with True, Kelly looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “It just feels so unrelenting.” I didn’t say it out loud then but in my head I thought, “And that is parenting in a nutshell.” It is the first shock of parenthood…that the baby is there ALL the time, that children need ALL the time, and that you are never at any moment not a parent. It is unrelenting. That is exactly why it is so critical to bring your spirituality into, rather than separate it from, your life as a mother. Because your spiritual needs are also unrelenting. They will not go away just because you are now more distracted than ever. In fact, those needs will make A LOT of noise if left unattended and spiritual needs left unattended leave an easier entryway for depression, apathy, anxiety.

It really resonated with how Andy and I are experiencing being parents. It's so amazing in so many ways and so unrelenting is other ways. I keep saying: being a parent is THE perfect spiritual practise. It is a practise in patience, mindfulness and acceptance of here now. Your child is your greatest spiritual teacher. :)

And it's about communicating, with your partner, with your child and with yourself. It's about deeply connecting to what is now, what is alive, what is present. It requires an opening of the soul in ways not done before.


  1. I love this post.
    Beautiful words, beautiful art... beautiful.(well, except for the vomit I guess. hee hee)


    p.s. I miss Alias (and Marshall) too :)

  2. Parenting is such a mixed bag; rewarding and yet frustrating. Lovely post. Felt so connected even though we are strangers.

  3. I here ya Tam. From a parent of 3 little ones......=D
    Great new artwork by the way. xo Kyles

  4. A lovely blog post Tam, and so beautifully written.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful post and lovely day except for the vomit. :) I hope Dylan feels better soon!

  6. Lovely post Tam and so true, my daughter is at home sick at the moment and it is none stop, I have been vomited on everyday for the past week but you know what? I wouldn't be anywhere else right now, here is where I am ment to be :)

    Micki x

  7. Awe - what a sweet post - I loved hearing about your beautiful day (except for the worry and vomit ;) and your reflections of parenthood. It is totally consuming - in the best way possible.
    Much love to you and your family - AND beautiful pictures both in this post and the one below (which I missed before now)!! Thank you as always for the inspiration, xoxo

  8. And the good parents are the ones who DO find it unrelenting! Your reward will come in due course but you know that already :)It's such a special time and I valued every second I had with my babies. Thankyou for the love and inspiration Tam :) xx

  9. HI Tam!

    Really touched by your post and Jessie is so right too, it is the good parents who fin dit unrelenting! I have a 5 year old and an 18month old and i give everything to them and my husband, it does not stop. i love with every inch of my being but it does get exhausting and then i need my me time........hence my art! with love Chelsea.

    ps thank you for sharing! so glad i found you!!!

  10. Your work is so inspiring! I am loving Life Book and look forward to learning as much as possible!!


Thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate you! <3


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