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It's about time I did another blog update. Gone are the days of updating 4 times a day! My life, well, it's rather full and busy as will have been obvious. :-) I miss it here though so here I am with a bit o' bloggie. Eh eh. I shan't be long.

Ok, new art! I'm LOOOOVING working digitally! Wacom tablet + photoshop = LOVE. :)

Looksie what I mades over the last month:

there once was a boy called dylan

This is a whimsy digital version of my babe Dylan. Ha ha. I think it's quite a good likeness! I also got it printed out on canvas and it looks amazing! Canvas prints will soon be available in my shop too! :)

Fairy watching over you.

I am working on a series of prints for newborns, babies and children! Above is an example of a print that can be given to a family with a newborn! :) Working on the boy version now. (BTW I know that 'length' is spelled wrong! :))

Rose in the Snow

This one I just liked doing. :) I've been told it looks like her head is floating. I will work on that. :) I really like how I did the rose.

kitty and me

I also did the little kitty and me. So fun!

I also created my Christmas Cards digitally this year! This is my favourite one out of all 5 of them. If you want to buy some, you can buy them here.

reindeer love

Man, I did so much without posting! This post is going to be loooong. Eheheh!

Now for non-digital stuff:

healing angel

I made this angel in week for of my Art, Heart and Healing course. I love it so much! :) (The course can, btw, still be joined, it's free! Go HERE to join).

It is Your Light

The creation of this one was documented in my latest youtube video! Watch it here:

One more: a new journal entry that I like.

art journal nov 2010

Alrighty - are you bored yet? ;)

Ok, life!

Lookit, it's us three all pretty surrounded by sparklies. Merry Christmas!

merry christmas!

We had snow and put Dylbee in a sledge!

dylbee in the snow!

He also now loves to climb on things, mostly on chairs! He grabs anything and everything on high counters (eeep, really must put away all the knives!). He says 'oof' when he sees doggies (which is so insanely cute) and he makes HUGE messes -> see the proof:

and here he is king of the chair! hee hee:

dylbee on chair

and this was taken 2 or 3 days ago:

smirky dylan

(15.5 months old)

It's a daily adventure to be with him. Difficult, fun, adventurous, wondrous, annoying, lovely, stressful, amazing, life altering. Andy and I are awed on a daily basis by what changes he goes through and what he understands and how quickly he learns. He's picking up sign language like crazy! He knows the signs for: dog, cat, cow, sheep, pig, rat, butterfly, lion and elephant. He also understands the signs for food, drink, more and finished. It's totally amazing to see what a little toddler is capable of understanding! He is amazing.

So, what else?

Well, I'm working hard on preparations for my new online course which starts in January 2011! And I'm also really looking forward to taking a break at Christmas time. We'll be spending it with Andy's family up in Lincoln. We were initially going to go to Holland for the new year but have had to postpone that, so will be in Brighton for the new year.

Oh, is anyone watching 'misfits' in the UK? (some of my US-ie friends might watch it too but it's BBC I think). I find the Irish guy hilarious!

Anyhoo, I think that is it for now! This is more of a photo post, but they describe quite well what's been happening with me!

I hope everyone is well. Thank you for reading. What will you be doing for Christmas? Leave me a message if you like, I appreciate it!


Tam xoox


  1. Al of your pieces are just so beautiful, Tam. Your little man is growing so quickly, but I'm sure I don't have to tell you.


  2. OMG, the yogurt video is hilarious! I'm eagerly awaiting the January class, Tam!


  3. OMG your little guy is sooooo cute! I love seeing all your wonderful art. I'm really intrigued by the digital work too - way over my head! I can't wait for The Magical Mythical workshop!

  4. You sure do work hard Tam, I love all your creations.
    A wacom tablet is on my list of "I must save up for that" items but I really must find the time to learn more about photoshop first though, I just never seem to get round to doing it lol ;)

    Lovely to see piccies of Dylan and also the three of you together too, so cute!!
    I sometimes look after my friend's little boy 'Alex' who is the same age as Dylan, you forget how tiring it is lol, no wonder I was thinner when my kids were small ;)

    I just have to add *yay* misfits is awesome, it's so funny, Nathan (the irish one) is hilarious, I can't believe it's the last one already this week :(


    Micki x

  5. Digital art really suits your style Tam! And I love the angel. :) x

  6. Dylan is a gorgeous little boy. Don't they grow so quickly. I remember seeing him in the videos as a baby not so long ago.

    Love the digital works! I have had a wacom tablet for nearly a year. Initially I started learning how to use it but put it down when I started doing your art dvds. Haven't picked it up for months. Nice to see what is possible. I would be interested in a digital tutorial if you ever offer one.

  7. thank you for lovely comments everyone! :)

    @pam; i know, it's crazy how fast it's all going!

    @cia: looking fwd to spending time with you on the course cia!! thanks!

    @jessica: see you on the course jess! :D

    @micki: ooooh you watch it too! cool! yes, isn't he just hilarious! great actor too! and thanks for the empathy re being with a toddler, it's really not easy!

    @tara: thanks sweets!

    @gail k: thanks gail! i'll be running a digital workshop in 2011! :))

  8. Your digital art is just amazing - having played on my sisters tablet thingy I know how hard it is - unless I was just making it extra hard :P Beautiful pieces. I'm way way behind on your free course but am making that my January treat to myself - to catch up.

    Christmas is as always with family here :) And then with OH's parents Boxing Day - quiet yet raucous at the same time ;)

  9. fab digi art - but please keep painting too,

    Dylan is edible he is so gorgeous, I love the mess they make learning to do things - my 17 year old still likes to eat with his fingers and I don't have the heart to discourage him , he just loves 'feeling' the food as well as eating it (I just say 'I hope you washed them fingers first Mr')

    Christmas & new year is in Derby this year, hoping to get a break and go away for 2011, it's our first Christmas without our Beloved Sarah my young sis in law who died this last September - so it will be a tough one - but we'll get through, and her 'space' will be noted, she is with us still....

    Will be looking at doing a course with you in the new year - I learnt so much from the Art Heart and Healing - thanks,


  10. @carmen; thank you so much!! enjoy the rest of the course and your xmas time too!

    @doone: ha ha. i'll never stop painting! :)

    thank you for your sweet comments re dylan. lol, love that your 17 year old still eats with his fingers! awesome!

    so sorry to hear you lost your sister in law ... big hugs

    hope your new year will be stellar!

  11. Thank you for sharing your family pictures, they are awesome and beautiful. Dylan is very photogenic, has a lovely smile and sometimes a lovely serious photogenic face. Love your art work Tam, your faces are beautiful. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, apart from the throw ups. Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, successful, joy-filled and creative 2011


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