Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tam's Happy New Stencils, Yay yahoo and wuzzah!


When Lisa from Artistcellar first asked me to work on a set of stencils with her, I tried to do cartwheels but failed. I used to be a pretty good gymnast when I was young, but rheumatism and gravity have worked against me, so instead I boogied around the room to karmachameleon, which is my happy party song. Then I replied to her email saying: Hell YES! And the rest is history. I went to work on whimsy designs (and later on "word" designs too) and now these babies are flying out into the world making artists happy! :D Yes, this is quite the dream come true people!

Some of you know: we've been blog hopping for the last 10 days or so with some of my favourite artsy and creative friends and today is the big blog hop FINALE with me doing a big happy celebratory blog post in honour of these babies! :D 

To celebrate, I did a video for all you moonbeams demonstrating how you can use my stencils which also ends with a time lapse video of me creating a painting that includes several of my stencils (ok, I went a bit overboard, I'm enthusiastic, can you blame me? ;)).

To celebrate the release of my stencils I'm giving away not 2 but 4 sets! 

In order to enter the give away, I'd love for you to leave me a comment with one of your favourite childhood memories related to a whimsy experience (perhaps a book/ a Christmas memory/ a film you've seen/ art project you did in school, anything, I'd love to read about it).

I will choose 4 winners on Friday 22nd November!

However, if you can't wait to see if you won a set and you want to buy some NOW then make sure you get your set(s) here: 

For US/ Canada/ South America: Artistcellar

For UK/ Europe: Tam's Etsy Shop (Please note: my batch is on its way here not quite here yet but you can pre-order them with me and we'll send them out as soon as they come in)

For Australia/ Asia/ Africa: Institute of Cute

I hope you enjoy this demonstration of you can use my stencils:

Here are some close up shots of the painting created in the video:





Some of the give aways on my artsy friends blogs are still open, so if you fancy trying your luck make sure to visit their blogs and leave a comment!

10/26 Artistcellar http://www.artistcellar.com/wp
10/27 Jill K. Berry http://jillberrydesign.com/blog
10/28 Dawn DeVries Sokol http://www.dawndsokol.com
10/29 Carla Sonheim carlasonheim.wordpress.com
10/30 Micki Wilde thesecrethermit.blogspot.com
11/1 Effy Wild www.effywild.com
11/3 Jane Davenport http://janedavenport.com

Thanks for being here today moonbeam! :D lots of love xx 


Just a reminder ❤️


  1. These stencils are beautiful! A whimsical moment I remember from my childhood is running through a field of bright yellow flowers on a hillside. I remember it so vividly and it reminds me of the carefree nature of youth.

  2. These stencils are lovely!
    The strange moment I remember from my childhood is when my mom clings to putting gifts under the Christmas tree. It was a shock. But I pretended that I sleep. But I still believe in miracles. :)


  3. I love these stencils!! When I was really young I swore, and still do, that I saw the Easter Bunny. It was dark, I was half asleep and my young imagination did wonders for me <3

  4. I laugh every time I think of this but when I was really little, I used to think my Dad could fly. He tricked me by jumping out of a tree and I believed it for a long time. Ahh, good times! I am in love with these stencils. Can't wait for you to create more and more. They are so "Tam" and I love that!

  5. I'm such a donut I was so moved by your generosity I forgot to write a childhood memory, as a child I spent a lot of time in gardens and out doors and I used to love imagining all types of fae and magic, one of the plants that still makes me smile in this respect are fushias they look like beautiful dancing dresses ........so so bright and colourful and just made for fae folk to dance around in!

  6. When I was a little girl, I loved fairy tales. My mother had bought me a big book of Fairy tales from all around the world. At bed time, I would choose one to read. I think I might have been about seven years old. After my mother turned off the light, I would put myself to sleep by reimagining the story with myself in it. I was Thumbelina, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White or Cinderella. As I got older, I began to imagine the fairies that lived in our garden watching over the plants, helping the vegetables grow, and checking for flower buds. They still live in my backyard garden caring for my plants.

  7. When I was little I used to create mini books with illustrations. One that stands out in my mind was about a girl with big feet, titled: The Girl with Big Feet (lol). I wish I would have kept them all because those were fond memories and creating them was an escape from all the craziness around me.

  8. Oh, how I love your stencils!!! The first whimsy thought that comes to my mind is the way that I created my own world as I was a little girl. In my world Everything I wanted to do was possible. In my world I was the best artist ever :-) I am drawing since forever :-) Sometimes it would be good to go there for a little while, as I'm now grown up and don't always believe in my endless possibilities........

  9. I remember when a was a small child, i had to go to bed while my parents invited friends over to watch the movie "yellow submarine". I couldn't sleep because i was curious about what was going on in the living room so i peeked through my bedroom door. I could see the TV...I was amazed and scared and hypnotized by this strange movie...it was a cartoon, a weird one...strange and colorful and what added to its weirdness is that i couldn't understand why adults are watching cartoons....
    This movie make me feel strange up to this day.... :) Thank you for reading...I would be thrilled and honored to have your stencils.
    Natalie Bogachov (natalie.bog@gmail.com)


Thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate you! <3


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