Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hopping with Doodle Circle + Winner of Jane Stencils!


Wuzzah creative comrados! :D 

OMG, the Life Book 2014 sales have gone BONKERS! :) I woke up to 350 emails this morning (lol)! To say I feel grateful and lucky and so excited about the work that I do is obviously an understatement: I ADORE the work that I do you guys. Thank you so much to all of you who have already signed up! :) I'm like a puddle of lovey goo right now! :D

Guess what? I'm involved with another Blog Hop! Some of you may remember I reviewed Dawn's other book 'Art Doodle Love' last year and she's recently come out with another book! A bit like a sister book to it. It's called: 'Doodle Circle' and it's a book for groups of people, like a group of best friends who can doodle in it together and have a keep sake to represent their connection and friendship. How awesome is THAT? :D 

So I was planning a little video of art creation, but argh, I've been totally swamped so have done some art and taken photies for you guys instead!

I love creating to prompts which is what Dawn's books include, it gets you thinking and also, her yummy backgrounds give you a nice start onto which you can doodle/ draw/ write/ collage etc! :) I had a ball playing on page 38, which had the prompt: 'High Hopes, what do you hope for in life' and my answer was meant to be a little funny: my high hope ->SLEEP, lol (dudes; I'm not aiming high, too much pressure, hee hee! :) Actually: I sleep a lot better nowadays because Andy looks after Elliot at night so I'm not being woken up by him anymore. Still, sleep was the first thing that popped up in my head when I read the prompt so I went with that. Ha! I also thought it was funny! ;) 



I also had a look on page 26, the prompt was: your favourite word/ sentence. And one of my favourite words = jellyfish, yup, and starfish and 'la fourchette' which means 'the fork' in French, much less glamourous sounding in English, lol. Anyhoo, so did a bit of writing/ art on those page too, though none of it is finished yet really but I had fun! :D


Oh and if you're wondering what the stardust word and little housies are welllllllll, ehm, I have a surprise secret I'll announce soon! :D It's hard to keep it in and some of you who watched my video for the Jane blog hop have already guessed it! ;) I shall hush now though! ;) 

As part of this blog hop I can give away one copy of the Doodle Circle Book! :) To enter the give away, make sure that you: 

1) Sign up to my newsletter (if you haven't already)
2) Leave me a comment with a journal prompt that you like, could be a word, or sentence doesn't matter. :) This way we can inspire each other. :) Yay! 

And make sure to follow the blog hop of course, you can enter the other fabulous artists' give aways too!

Oct. 1: Michelle Geller, www.michellegeller.typepad.com
Oct. 2: Aimee Dolich, artsyville.blogspot.com
Oct. 3: Pam Carriker, pamcarriker.com
Oct. 4: Tammy Garcia, daisyyellowart.com
Oct. 5: Tracie Lyn Huskamp, thereddoor-studio.blogspot.com
Oct. 6: Jill K. Berry, jillberrydesign.com/blog
Oct. 7: Carla Sonheim, carlasonheim.wordpress.com
Oct. 8: Tamara Laporte, www.willowing.org/blog
Oct. 9: Micki Wilde, thesecrethermit.blogspot.com
Oct. 10: Mindy Lacefield, www.timssally.com
Oct. 11: Jane Davenport, janedavenport.com
Oct. 12: Dawn D. Sokol, www.dawndsokol.com
Aaaaand I also have the winner of the Jane Davenport Stencil Give Away! :) 
The winner is:


  1. Hey Tam, Definately enjoying being a new member of your heartfelt and creative blog. Adored your High Hopes spread. Funny but true! Sleep is divine. I would love a chance to win the Doodle Book. Here is my prompt: "You get to spend the weekend high up on the moon or down deep in the sea. Which will it be?"

  2. So you must have stencils coming out. Hooray, if so.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. looks like an amazing book...and can't wait to see the stencils!!!


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