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Blog hop love - Jane Davenport Signature Stencil Series :)


Hello friends! Wow, lately it's blog hop central over here! I love getting involved in testing out new products, giving out shout outs to awesome artists and shops and share with you how I create my art! :) (If you're a supplier of art supplies and ever want me to demo them for you or be part of a blog hop, do email me! (willowing AT

So without further ado! I was invited to be part of a blog hop to show off the fabulous new stencils produced by These specific stencils are the 'Artistcellar Signature Series" designed by Jane Davenport! Jane is a good friend of mine, a fabulous artist and also teaches on Life Book this year! Her lessons are SO super popular. :) Her lesson went up only 2 weeks ago. :) (Just a reminder that you can still sign up to Life Book - there is enough time to catch up!) 

Anyhoo, I personally love her art too and was delighted to hear that she had some stencils out. You get 4 of them in a pack and they feature faces and facial features in her style that you can use and play with in your art journal (or in a painting). The cool thing is that even though the designs are clearly and recognisably Jane's, when I started working over the stencils, I found the faces came out 'me' looking. :) So you can still make the faces really your own and not be too worried that the face is 'too someone else's style' if you know what I mean!? :) I did a little video of the process below.

Artistcellar are giving a way 1 set of the stencils to one of you!

If you want a chance to win, leave a comment below telling me why you'd love to own a set of Jane stencils! 

(Give away will close on 14th March 2013 - Winner announced on 15th March 2013)

Here are the other artists taking part in the blog hop, do check out what they've done with the stencils! It's fun to see how everyone else is using them! :) 

Sunday 3/3 - Artistcellar (
Monday 3/4 - Teesha Moore (
Tuesday 3/5 - Jeanette House (
Wednesday 3/6 - Dawn Sokol (
Thursday 3/7 - Tamara Laporte (
Friday 3/8 - Effy Wild (
Saturday 3/9 - Kass Hall (
Sunday 3/10 - Mindy Lacefield (
Monday 3/11 - Jane Davenport (

And if you have the stencils and you're doing some art with them do leave a link to your blog post in the comments too! I've love to see how you use the stencils! :-)

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  1. I love how you have made these faces your own, I would love to have these stencils because I sometimes go to a lot of work on a face before I realize the proportions are off! I have at least learned to watch out for the right eye being waaaayyy too high!!!

  2. I would LOVE to own these stencils because I don't own many stencils, and would love to add to my small collection! Thanks for the chance to win. xoxo Katie (

  3. Wow...first of all your work is awesome once again! But, I have to have these whether I win them or not. I just really started sketching & painting for that matter in the last 2 years (52 yrs old) due to being so critical of myself for years. I've practically given up on drawing profiles since I just can't seem to get them right...I know playing with these would help me so tremendously...thanks for sharing, too!

  4. you have made my life lighter and happier.thank you.I am in many groups and I have learned so much but when i found you blog a peace came to me i have not had in anything else i have done.I have three blogs
    themanyallysofallywhitecat, and journal art by my newest one
    love the stencils and watching you make your art. awesome.
    susan s

  5. these are awesome! I hope I win, I've taken Jane's class and would like to try out her stencils too!

  6. I'm one of those...that can't draw a straight line...and I want to draw so bad...but let's just don't want to really see least not in the day these stencils would help me out so much....thank you for the chance to win them...

  7. Thank you for this lovely opportunity I would love some of these stencils just to help me get drawing faces right it would help wil my drawing and painting no end

  8. I would love a Jane Stencil mainly because I have no idea what that it is or what it does. I couldn't find it anywhere ont he internet.

  9. Awesome stencils! I loved the video!
    Hope you have a stencilicious day!

  10. The stencils are awesome! I've been practicing to draw faces and these will really help me.

  11. I loved watching the transformation from the initial stencils to your completed piece! I don't own stencils and haven't used them before and I would love to start working with them some, especially ones by such an amazing artist as Jane!

  12. ....and your style is just so awesome! Loved the video :)

  13. Thanks for sharing your website.This blogs are very informative. I really say thanks to you.


  14. Though I have been practicing faces I have far to go. Your video using the stencils showed me how much easier and fun using stencils in my art journal could be. I would love to have a set!
    Glad I was checking out zen doodling and stumbled across your video on youtube which led me here!
    Hope your day holds much awesomeness. Thanks for sharing

  15. So beautiful...I loved watching how this spread came together. My daughters (ages 4 and 5) really enjoyed watching the video along with me. Thanks for sharing!

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