Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Life, Art and Rock & Roll, sort of.

DUUUUUDES. Mad week, totally mad. Some of you may know (if you subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on FB) that have decided to delete my account with them! ALL my class videos are/ were hosted by them, so it meant that out of the blue all my class videos were gone! 

And I have many many MANY students!! So panic, shock, horror! Turns out that I was in violation of the terms of agreement on (they don't allow you to host videos that you charge for). A friend did recently tell me, but I figured that because I'd been with them for 3 years and they'd never said anything, that I was in the clear. (I was also a pro member who paid them for their services, so I assumed all was a-ok). I know, don't assume eh!
Anyhoo, so I've been migrating the millions of videos that I have to vimeo this week, it's going ok, but it's a HUGE task taking forever. So, it's been a seriously crazy week over here you can imagine! 

Well, while I'm waiting for the videos to upload, I've been working on my Christmas Whimsy Workshop which opens for registration in the next 2 weeks or so. It's a mini workshop in which we'll be creating this cutie:

I'll also go over how to create your own Christmas cards with your creations over at who create beautiful cards! As part of the workshop we'll also host a Christmas Card workshop! 

Before the whole video drama, I've also been working on some new art, both are still in progress, but am excited about these two:

Cute birdies on top of lots of texture! Eeeeee! :D

And this one is a detail of a painting which will be called: 'Watching over You' - it shows a little girl asleep in a bed with her little teddy bear and an angel in the sky, the girl's bed is surrounded by a dreamlike landscape of a boat on water, little awesome houses and other dreamy stuff. :)

I'm excited to finish both when I have a minute. :)

And then there is Life Book 2013! So many people are signing up, I feel so blessed and so excited for the new year. I have some awesome lesson plans already. We're going to have such a fabulous awesome year together! Do you want to join Life Book too? Over 560+ people have already joined, WOWSA! :) Come and join us too by clicking here.

Running online art classes that include healing themes is such a fulfilling experience for me. To help people get in touch with their creative fire and also to help people grow on a personal level and feel more at peace, it's just such a rewarding job. I <3 my job!! :D
I received this amazing email today from the wonderful Anateresa (published with permission):

"Dear Tam,

Today while watching the World of Whimsy video, my cup runith over with thanks for this incredible woman that has taught me so much over the past two years. YOU.
First, it was your wonderful way of teaching something that has been difficult for me in art, shading faces...actually drawing faces in general and making recognizable art that I love.

Second, bringing together other like artists that bring the same easy way of teaching artistic techniques to someone who has not had formal training since high school, in Life Book. Though I have not posted my work in the forums I have been taking each lesson and adding it to my artistic life. So much so that I am in the works of developing my own business that I can do from home.

Lastly, for introducing me to Non-violent Communication. I heard you mention it on numerous occasions but today the info sunk in while watching week 2 of wow. So much so that I stopped the video and downloaded three of Marshall Rosenberg's books on my iPad and ordered the workbook on Amazon (it was not available for download). For years I have felt this constant anger and it has come out sadly in the way I treat my children. My daughter has a personality that requires a lot of patience, something that I have always lacked, and I shock myself with the words that I say to her. I hear my mother voice in the negative things I say. Not that is a bad thing she did the best she could with very little role model regarding being a parent and my father worked late through most of my adulthood. I loved my mother (still do even though she as been gone for over 3 years), she was my best friend, my rock, my wind beneath my wings but at times she was controlling and wrapped up in what society saw and was negative (or as she would say realistic) in how she guided me regarding my future. Which considering the horrible physically abusive life she had until the day she married I can understand why that is, and she did her best not to repeat that physical violence in raising me. One thing she was able to do that her mother was unable to was say she was sorry after she said something hurtful. But those scars stay deep within you building up. Now I feel I need to stop the cycle of negativity with my children and in my life. So thank you for arming me with tools that I need to make this change in my life, my relationships and my children. I am looking forward to Lifebook 2013 and I signed my sister-in-law up so that might help motivate me to stay on track. Teehee!

Thank you Tam you are my angel on earth. Bless you for posting the Octopus Girl video that was the first step in this wonderful self healing, life altering journey.

Sent from my iPad

I feel SO blessed to be contributing to people in this way. It's just so fulfilling to know that the work I do makes a difference in this way. I feel humbled and awed at times. :)) And so so HAPPY! :)

Anateresa is referring to non-violent communication which I cannot recommend enough as a brilliant tool for creating happy relationships with others and yourself. Learn more about NVC here:

In the mean time life with the two kidlets is happening! It's finally getting a bit easier (touch wood!). Dylan is more grown up and understanding and Elliot is delightful. Elliot will be 1 on the 25th November! One year already, goodness, time flies. Here are some pics of my boys lately:

Sometimes it's all good fun. ;)

Love this boy. ❤

Dylan's first sparkler :)


Snuggles with the little one x :)

Boy joy :)

Dylan with his best friend. :)

That's it for now groovy art gang. I hope you are all well and swell and enjoying your lives. 

Love and muffins. x

PS. I'm willowing on instagram where I post a lot of my daily art & family pics.


  1. How cute are they!! Looking forward to starting Life Book 2013 :)


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