Tuesday, 30 October 2012

An afternoon painting with Dylan

Hello. Our household is riddled with illness at the moment (diarrhoea, nausea, sickness, eugh, it's so annoying how often they pick up bugs, anyhoo). No childcare, so hardly any time to work. Sneaking in bits of work and blog time while babies asleep! :) 

On Sunday, Dylan painted. I took pictures. :0) (Photography used to play a big part in my life, it was wonderful to reignite my inner photographer spark photographing little Dylbee, I even used my macro lens). For the interested, these photos were taken with a Nikon d80 and Canon 60D. The macro lens I have is for my Nikon, a sigma one). :) x 


Do you want to be as playful with paint as Dylan? Do you want to connect with your inner artist and make joyful art for a whole year? :) Express yourself, heal, uncover spectacular colours, shapes and possibilities within you? :) 

Then come join the 450 + people who have already joined Life Book 2013! We'll be making art the whole year long, with weekly lessons, 22 awesome art teachers, community, connection with like-minded artsy people and inspiration, inspiration, inspiration! 


  1. Maybe something he puts in his mouth needs to be sterilized? My daughter was resickening herself by chewing on a corner of her pillow that I hadn't even realized she was chewing on. Good luck with keeping your babes happy painting is a great idea!

  2. Dylan looks so much more grown up than last time I visited! :) You've got a little budding artist there, that's for sure!
    Jess x

  3. So cute! My alan paints, too. But my photos are far from as nice as yours.

  4. I love the way that you let him play with the paint, I have met many mother that could be crazy
    just with the idea. Congratulation ! you are not only an amazing artist, also an amazing mom.

  5. I love the way kids paint, they just do, they don't criticise, that all comes as we grow up, sadly. You have absolutely gorgeous boys Tam.

  6. hahaha! i bet your kids love having you for a mom! so much fun!
    AND i just signed up for your LB2013 class. i can not wait! to get started!
    thank you for investing in my life this way.


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