Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dream Catching - Original Painting for Sale

So, I'm finally done with this one. She captures a new beginning and represents an interesting journey for me. Dabbling in abstracts has always been elusive to me. I love abstracts of others; Flora Bowley's, Tracy Verdugo's, Mary-ann Wakeley there are many whose abstract paintings I just love but I find it hard to make my own. That said, I adore this painting I just finished. And I love that I combined abstract with one of my usual faces (faces, I'm addicted, can't help but draw/ paint them). :)

I'm going on the Somerset Art Retreat end of September and will have the joy and pleasure to be taught by Flora Bowley, Teesha Moore and Orly Avineri. I'll also get to meet the enigmatic Erin Faith Allen (can't wait!!).

I hope to deepen my understanding of abstracting one's painting style by learning from Flora!

In order to put this painting up for sale, I hung it on our wall down stairs so I could take proper pictures of it and Andy (the magical husband) saw it and went: "Wow, it looks great! Can I buy it?" :) (He always knows how to say the right thing, haha!). And I said; "No honey, we need to sell it so we can put food on the table" - "Oh yes, ok, well, maybe we can leave it to hang there while we wait for it to sell".

Adorable no?

So this painting now hangs on our wall until some lucky buyer snaps it up!

So let me tell you a bit more about it:

1. It's big: 28 x 36 inches no less!

2. It's vibrant: I used mostly golden paints which are known for their vibrancy, the painting commands attention as soon as you see it.

3. Lots of contrast see #2.

4. It's created on stretched canvas - the sides are painted - it's ready to hang (though could be framed if you want to).

5. Materials: 95% acrylics.

6. I love it. The girl's facial expression is hugely emotive to me.

7. I hope it goes to someone who loves it as much as Andy does :).

Dream Catching
Original Painting by Tamara Laporte

Buy Now
£290 GBP
(+ shipping which will be invoiced after main sale as the painting is so large)


  1. SO beautiful Tam. I adore her expression and all the yummy blue. Abstracts are calling my name too. :) Your art trip in September sounds AHHH-mazing!! Such an incredible collection of talent. xo

  2. wow...your paintings extract my feelings... I love it. . .thanks a lot for showing it so wonderful . .
    wellhead compression

  3. Gorgeous painting!!! It`s so so great news that you are going to S. A. Retreat!!! too! WOW what an honor to meet you there!!!


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