Thursday, 25 August 2011


Gratitude - detail

So yesterday was a sort of weepy, shaky, pregnancy hormone filled kind of day. The kind of day where small things make you cry and you have a generally fearful feeling in the pit of your stomach. Know what I mean?

And big things, well, they did more than make me cry. Sometimes, I fill up with so much despair listening to the suffering in the world, it's hard to breathe.

And then I'm reminded of Byron Katie's wise words who says: 'this is not your suffering, don't add to the suffering of the world by suffering something that isn't yours to suffer'.

I'm not always able to follow that advice and I think there is something valuable in expressing the sadness I feel when others go through a terrible ordeal, but Katie's approach also helps me ground and send out positive stuff, compassion and love, and 'being in the now-ness' rather than just adding suffering to the suffering that is already there.

And the other day, Andy and I received some news which would mean a financial change for us (negatively) which stressed me out for a little while until I caught this bit of information on the radio:

"People in Haiti are bracing for a hurricane while many people are still living in make-shift houses after the earthquake."

And that just kicked my whole view on life into perspective again. Why am I worried about a small change in finances while I have a beautiful roof over my head, a beautiful family who are healthy and happy. I eat good food every day. I am expecting a new little baby, I do the work that I love etc etc. I have a thousand million blessings. I live an incredibly privileged life. And while I am not downplaying or devaluing the pains and sorrows that can occur in a privileged life, remembering how amazing my life is compared to many many people on earth, helps me find gratitude again. It helps me regain a little perspective when I get too mopey.

And coincidentally, my latest painting is called: 'Gratitude' which is so fitting.

Gratitude Full Painting

I did a video of how I made this painting too:

If you want to join in on the challenge, you can post your work HERE.

Here are some more detail shots of the painting.

Gratitude - detail

Gratitude - detail

Gratitude - detail


And we celebrated Dylbee's 2 year birthday which was wonderful! The weather was beautiful and just the right amount of lovely people and kiddos came. Here some picsies:

dylan bday - 2 years old!

it gets messy with many toddlers

Babies, toddlers, "grown ups" & a biiiiig mess! ;)

yay watertable!

Dylan & George and Lila in the background

dylbee and george

Dylan and George

a bit o' bday cake

Mmmh cake!

dylan and mummy's funky tattoo

Dylbee and mummy's cool tattoo in the garden


Yayyyy! Dylan was given a broom as a bday gift, he loved it!

i love playing at the water table

He worships this water/ sand table!

look i have soap hands

Bath time after a full day of fun

me, preggo, 28 weeks

And the mummy, 27/28 weeks preggo with nr 2. :)

In the mean time, I am working hard on Life Book! Registration will open on October 3rd.

For more information GO HAVE A READ HERE.

Huggas and banana cakes. x


  1. Tam you are right, there is so much suffering in the world enough to make any of us cry, prego or not. Your post was uplifting to me and made me realize I too need not "add to the suffering of the world by suffering something that is not mine to suffer", very wise words!

    Your painting is beautiful and so are you! I hope the birth goes well as you bring a new life into this world. I am sure he/her will be most lucky to have such a wonderful mom that is obviously very caring and oh so sweet! Birthday hugs to Dillan...awwww so very sweet and growing so fast!

    Thanks for the reminder on the class. I want to take this class but I will need to wait until next month so remind us all again :) Connie

  2. Your painting is beautiful, Tam, and so is your blog post. Makes people think!

  3. Whoo Hoo! I can't wait to sign up.

    Hey lovely Tam,
    Yes, it is very easy to loose perspective sometimes, but how quickly we can gain it back again, especially when we listen to what's happening around the world.

    Happy Birthday Dylan.

    Kyles xoxo

  4. Hey Tam I love the quote about not adding suffering very thought provoking. And Gratitude is something I think about daily in my prayers. Your art is always lovely and Dylan, two already he looks more like his mum & dad everyday ;0)

    Love Dawn xx

  5. I do the same thing Tam. Suddenly the things I thought were so terrible for me seemed small. Just remember though, it's ok to have your own worries, that's just the way life is. At least you can recognize the things going on around you. Immerse yourself in your art and family. Hope you feel better. :-)

  6. You have such a beautiful life, Tam--such a beautiful family. Love just swarms to you dear one. And in that love is such great abundance--it's evident in your photos.

    Everything will work out fine for you. No worries sweet Tam...only love.

    BIG Hugs, BIG Hugs!

  7. Hi Tam,
    thanks for the quote from Byron Katie, one I will remember.
    I love your gratitude painting and thanks for the video. I enjoy seeing the process.
    I'm looking forward to your class, the payment plan looks like a great way for me to join in.
    You radiate love Tam and so it will gravitate back to you in all areas of your life.

  8. Gratitude is something I try to focus on more and more. We all have our share of life's unexpected trials but I and still so very grateful for what I have! I find myself focusing less on the news and it has helped me tremendously. And you, my dear, have a very full plate so a quavery day or two is to be expected (big hug for you).

    I am very excited about Life Book - I will be attending! Thank you for sharing the wonderful video and Dillon's B-day party too!
    Many hugs, Jessi xox

  9. Thank you for letting us watch how you created your gratitude painting! Beautiful work!

    I am very interested in taking your Life Book year long course. However, for some of us here in the United States, finances are beyond bad. You mentioned somewhere along the way that you may be offering payment plans. Would you consider a "very low" payment plan, low as in $10.00 a month? Perhaps this could be only for anyone who registers in October and really needs that plan. If we registered in October, that would give you $30.00 towards the $100.00 by the time the classes started in January, and another $10.00 for January would give you $40.00. That would be a decent chunk towards the total payment for the class. That may just totally not work for you, and I would definitely understand. I wanted to throw that suggestion out there, though, because I know many of us everywhere are struggling financially, but now more than ever need our art to keep us going mentally. Thank you for the reminder that we need to practice gratitude, too!

  10. P S - I was so happy to see that Mystele is one of the contributing artists. She is such a wonderful, loving person!

  11. Hi Tam..... Yeeeowww!! can't wait to sign up for the Life Book 2012......XXXXXX

  12. Thanks for all your lovely msgs everyone! :) x

    @ Bill, thank you for expressing your concern about the payment plan and I like your suggestion! the only problem with the payment plans is that it creates a lot more administration on my part. But what I may do is offer a limited amount of very low payment plans like the one you suggest for those who are having it really tough financially. :) x


Thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate you! <3


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