Friday, 22 October 2010

You will never be just 'pretty'.


Girl - in progress

So, where was I? :-)

Well, let me hear a "HOLY WOW"; there are 950+ people on my free art course and they are on FIRE! One after another posts amazing work, beautiful comments, revelations of healing. I am continually awed, stunned, humbled and moved by what they are posting and how they are responding to each other; with such love, care and encouragement. I am blown away.

So, all is very very busy in Tam-land and I do look forward to a bit of a break soon, but that's going to have to be December as preparations for my next course have started! Yes, yes: Magical Mythical Makings is soon coming to a server near you! ;) We'll be creating a new mythical creature each week! From Goddesses to Angels to Mermaids, they're all going to join us! We'll also be looking at some of the old masters for inspiration (Klimt, Chagall, Redon etc). I can't wait to run this class, I'm so excited about it. :)

In the mean time, I'm still trying to take some time for myself and create art purely for my own relaxation (usually after Dylan goes to sleep), and all art you see in this post has been created in the 'after hours' (is what I've come to call them, ha).

Here be a happy pic of me and Dylbee: :-)

I've done some more digital creating which is very satisfying I must say, I think I'll make these into a series:

And here some new art journal pages:

art journal - oct 2010


art journal - oct 2010

art journal - oct 2010

art journal - oct 2010

art journal - oct 2010

Back to some more digital creating! Hope everyone is well.

Snugglehugs. x

Oh PS. Watch this awesome poetry slam video, you won't regret it:


  1. I love seeing your pages, Tam. They're very inspiring to me. <3

  2. Beautiful, Tam! All of your art is just so awesome. Someday I wanna grow up and be just like you :)


  3. Awesome post Tam! Love the journal pages and digital art....something I've considered experimenting with too but it will have to be later on :)
    I had to share this video on facebook, I love it!

  4. Hello my beautiful, artsy friend!

    Love your latest pieces; as always, so inspiring and full of soul.

    And it's always such a joy to see photos of you and your precious little Dylbee. Here, on YouTube and Facebook. :)

    Have a lovely weekend!


  5. Brilliant new pieces Tam - the digital art is really adorable - I want to hug them! And your journal pages are really wonderful - so full of textures and depth.

  6. How do you find the time to be so amazing? lol ;)

    I am sat here with a stinking cold (again) wishing I was painting but only just being able to see the computer screen through my bleary eyes, I need you to bottle me up some of your special 'Tam power' and send it my way please :)

    Love and hugs
    Micki x

  7. These pages are just amazing Tam. I am one of your 950+ and just wanted to thank you for the inspiration and teaching you have given freely. I'm following you now so I don't miss anything!! xx

  8. Hi Tam!
    I was talking to my friend the other day about how much of myself I should share on my blog. I wondered if people would think I'm strange or odd if I discussed my philosophies on life such as Ho'oponopono - but I went ahead yesterday and put it out there anyway - YOU being the inspiration for doing so - if you are being your authentic self (and helping so many along the way) then I should not shy from it either. Having said that, I was nervous as soon as I pushed publish. So to get your comment this morning was thrilling! Thank you for your comments and for the reminder that we only need to be who we are . . .
    BEAUTIFUL work here, beautiful and inspiring class and LOVE that video, thanks again, Kristin xo

  9. ooooooh I LOVED that poetry. Pretty inspiring, as well as your blog.

  10. such beautiful pieces!
    congrats to your fantastic free class!

    xxx Susi

  11. thank you dear effy! huuugggs.

    @thehappysoul - lol theresa! be YOU your glorious YOU ;) i appreciate the sentiment though, big hugs!

    @darla: thank you sweet darla!

    @angie: thank you so much for your lovely comment xoxo

    @geri: thank you sweetness!! big hugs

    @micki: lol - thank you angel!! ooh no, hope your cold gets better! *sends tam power your way* and *healing* too! xoxo

    @kaz; thanks so much Kaz! big hugs

    @kristin; so pleased you chose to share your authentic self! yes, it may not always resonate with everyone, but your integrity will! big big hugs!

    @kim; it's great eh!

    @susi thank you so much susi!! :) x

  12. I just found out about your free course today and think I may give it a try!

  13. Hi Tammy
    I stumbled upon your free course somehow and am totally hooked on your style of portraiture and whimsey so have decided to follow your blog too! Am so keen to develop my own. I posted my reasons for my "healing" words on my blog tonight if you have time to see (I know you're madly busy). But wanted you to know I love the way you share your work on this blog and so looking forward to seeing all you do!
    Also I bought a wonderful purple cloth covered art journal today - my first ever!
    And the Katie Makkai peice is awesome!
    P.S. I'm the one with the two daughters taking part too! Thanks heaps - it's really bonding for us!

  14. Hi Tam, I'm so glad to have found your blog and the AH&H course. I loved week one and am really looking forward to doing week 2 (even though I think it'll be highly emotional- have only had a chance to watch the first video so far). I'm so inspired by all that you do... and the work you've done for yourself and shown here is just fantastic. Love it!

  15. @jo: great jo, hope you enjoy! :))

    @louise: thanks so much for following the blog louise! so glad you like my work and the course! :)) xoxo

    @carin: thank you for being here and enjoying my work and the course! so glad you liked week 1! yes, some of the exercise can stir up some stuff for people, i've created support groups for them though! big hugs x

  16. ~good morning...i know how very busy you are at the moment juggling time with your little and the class you are giving...but i wanted to stop by and say thank you once more for all that you have given to have opened a door to the souls of many and lifted our spirits...allowing us to find that creative one who lies within have helped ignite a passion for art and healing in such a beautiful graceful way...words could never express how thankful i am that i stumbled upon your page! i am not sure if you accept awards or not but i have gifted one to you on my have bben a bright light in so many lives and sunshine you have surely spread...

    if so you may find it here and else wise i totally understand if you do not do awards...wishing you well and brightest blessings upon you and yours always~

  17. Im so inspired I don't know what to do haha :D Guess Ill go blog for now :)


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