Thursday, 8 July 2010

World of Whimsy 2 - Open for Registration!

World of Whimsy 2
Now open for registration!

World of Whimsy 2 Online Art Workshop

Learn how to create your own whimsical mixed media art and get in touch with your own inner awesomeness on the way! :0)

How to sign up and what happens:

1. Pay your course fee (£57) by clicking on the 'buy now' button - but make sure to write in the email address you want to sign up with on ning (or have already signed up with):

Please enter your ning email:

Or by sending £57 to my paypal account: tamara[dot]laporte[at]gmail[dot]com, making sure to let me know in the comment section which email you'd like to sign up with!

Pls note: if you don't have a paypal account but you do have standard credit cards like mastercard/ visa card/ swift etc, you can still pay via paypal as a guest, you too should click on the 'buy now' button.

If you don't want/ can't pay via paypal and don't have any major creditcards, pls private msg me so we can work something out!

2. I will send you 2 emails, one is an invitation to the workshop, the second is an email with a link to a welcome pack pdf.

3. You need to accept my invitation to the group (follow the links in the email).

4. Voila! You are a member a member of the group and will now have access to all materials!

If things are confusing and you can't figure things out, pls email me on tam[at]willowing[dot]org. Or check out the FAQ page over here: FAQ.

Course Info

World of Whimsy 2

This course is essentially a repeat of World of Whimsy 1 but with extra materials thrown in! This means that those who have done WOW 1 and/or bought the WOW 1 DVD can also join in at a reduced price (more info on this can be found in your respective WOW 1 ning groups).

The course will run for 6 weeks, it will start on 19th July and you will get full length videos & at least 2 PDF files per week! There is at least 8 hours worth of video lesson materials and numerous educational/ instructional PDFs. The extra materials on this course will cover at least another 2 hours worth of videos.

Course skill level: beginner & intermediate
Course fee: £57 (equivalent to approx $85)

Art Outline
week 1 - 19th July 2010: Composition, layout, & drawing your main elements.
week 2 - 26th July 2010: Shading and filling in your main elements.
week 3 - 2nd August 2010: Background & layering.
week 4 - 9th August 2010: Embellishments, detail & borders (frames).
week 5 - 16th August 2010: Adding a message/ story to your art.
week 6 - 23rd August 2010: Developing whimsical animal characters & extra background techniques.

Videos can be downloaded throughout the 6 weeks, Don't worry if you're not available on Monday’s; all videos remain online for the duration of the course. Your PDFs will contain both technical guidance and will look into positive healing and self acceptance practises based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg (nonviolent communication, looking at feelings and needs), Eckhart Tolle (the power of now) and Byron Katie (the work).

Self-Acceptance/ Healing Outline - PDFs
week 1 - 19th July 2010: “There Is No Such Thing As Failure” & “The Art of Acceptance”
week 2 - 26th July 2010: “Dancing with Monsters”
week 3 - 2nd August 2010: “Being Here Now/ Feelings & Needs”
week 4 - 9th August 2010: “Who Would You Be Without Your Story?”
week 5 - 16th August 2010: “Being Incredibly Awesome”
week 6 - 23rd August 2010: “When you jump, the net will appear.”

For more detailed information on the course, pls download this course outline, it also lists all the materials you'll need.
Please enter your ning email:

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