Friday, 26 March 2010

more tumbling

Day 03 — A television program you watch too much. (30 days of tumblr).

ha ha. which one DON’T i watch too much? ;) there are many tv shows i watch, they put my brain in zombie mode, and having a highly active brain, i sometimes need zombie mode. here follows a list of my fav tv shows;

house, grey’s, private practice, the office, scrubs, 24, being human, castle, dexter, the tudors, true blood, dollhouse (cancelled :(), flashforward, fringe, lost, mercy, nurse jackie, peep show, qi, the bubble, supernatural (hush, i like ghost shows), the vampire diaries (hush, i like vampire shows), V.

in the past i have also religiously watched; friends, alias, charmed & buffy (hush again; it’s magic/ ghosts and vampires that i like, for some reason ;)).

so, the trend here is;

medical, comical, ghostly, vampiric, magicky shows. + english comedy talk shows - obviously - rock my socks.

out of all of those, the tv program i have watched too much of (but really, is there such a thing as too much?) =

grey’s anatomy

i have probably watched seasons 1-5 perhaps 3 or 4 times. there are some episodes of grey’s that really had me hanging on the edge of my chair. (remember the bomb episode/ izzy and danny story line/ mer drowning etc?). there is something about that show that just had me spellbound.

i’m not enjoying season 6 very much though, which bugs me to no end. i keep hoping it’ll get better. but since george & izzy have gone and meredith took more of a backseat role. :( mmeh.

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