Thursday, 21 January 2010

a mix of things

hallo again! wow, another post from me!, so soon? :-)

well. imma gonna copy/ paste a few things over here that i posted somewhere else alreadies. seeing that not everyone here follows me everywhere else, ha ha.

so, a mix of things! number 1, big news; DYLAN CAN ROLL OVER! (yes, this IS a big deal!), see him in rolly over action here;

& this be a uber cute peekture of him (hat made by the awesome beverley);

we just received an awesome package from @beingbeverley!! she... on Twitpic

this be a uber silly pic of me;

aren't i charming. ;) on Twitpic

behind the cut are some questions i answered on which i have enjoyed doing;

Was art something you have always done, or was there a pivotal moment when you realised you wanted to make art part of your life?

I've always been artistic. I did drama, music & art as part of my A-levels (high school) and loved art in junior school as well. Photography came into my life in my twenties. Art (specifically painting/ drawing) was always a part of my life, but has taken on more of a professional focus in the last 5-6 years or so. Before that, it was more of an intense hobby.

What is your view/belief/feeling on God? Does God have a place in your life?

I am not a religious person but a spiritual one. I don't believe in a God the way Christians or Muslims depict him. I believe God is all things and everyone. My spiritual views resonate most with Non-duality/ Zen & Buddhism. :)

Do you aim to follow any particular philosophy or parenting style for raising Dylan?

yes. andy and i live something called 'nonviolent communication' or 'compassionate communication' (by marshall rosenberg). it focuses on connecting authentically to human needs. it avoids moralistic judgements and punishment & rewards. as this is our life style, this will be how dylan is raised. :)

i've also noticed that some of my parenting approaches have elements of attachment parenting (such as; co-sleeping & feeding on demand/ request), but i don't actually do those things because of attachment parenting, it's just something that i naturally wanted to do. it feels 'right'.

the focus for us is on nvc and child-led parenting. :-)

How come you're so awesome?

ha ha! we all are! by default! we made it to this earth didn't we? that's pretty awesome to me : D

name please your 10 most favorite CDs ever

1. "Blue" Joni Mitchell
2. "Little Earthquakes" Tori Amos
3. "Rubber Soul" The Beatles
4. "Little Black Numbers" Kathryn Williams
5. "Ophelia" Natalie Merchant
6. "Almost Famous" Simon & Garfunkel
7. "Crime of the Century" Supertramp
8. "I Am Bird Now" Antony & the Johnsons
9. "Want Two" Rufus Wainwright
10. "Quelqu'un m'a dit" Carla Bruni

Are you happy with what you have done with your life, or would you change something?

i neglected the care of a white bunny when i was about 8 years old. it resulted in its death. i still feel utter guilt and sadness over this. i would've liked to have changed that. regarding major decisions in my life i am very contented and happy with what i've done with my life. :-)

Name five places you'd like to visit.

:-) visit again? or places i haven't been to yet?

ok, places i haven't been to yet;

1. new york (why? hey, it's new yoik! ;), the most amazing city evar no? ;)) it'd be like walking around in a movie though, so that'd be weird, but wouldn't deter me from going. :)

2. nepal (have always had an attraction to this country because of the colourful clothing people wear. should've visited it when i lived in sri lanka, but didn't have the chance, also, it's really roundabout to get from sl to nepal even though it's so nearby)

3. iceland, any place that produced sigur ros must be an amazing place. i have such a mystical, magical impression of the country.

4. sweden, or any other scandanavian country really. love the language, love the people, love the snowy weather.

5. australia, such amazing vastness, hilariously cool accent, awesome animals (kangaroo/ koala - is it a coincidence they both start with a 'k'?) and i have some great friends there.

There was a time in your life when you weren't sure about marriage and babies etc, why? And what changed?

i only ever wanted to bring a child into the world if i knew i was psychologically, emotionally and financially stable (or at least; stable-er, ha ha). before andy came into my life i had a lot of emotional and psycholgical challenges and could not imagine caring for a child if i wasn't able to care for myself! when i met andy, everything changed, i grew stronger on all levels and so marriage/ a child seemed to be a beautiful and logical consequence of it all.

Would you rather be a famous musician or a famous actor?

there was a time when i wanted to be both with equal ferocity for all the 'wrong' reasons. now, i enjoy doing music for a small audience. proper fame would absolutely do my head in.

What was your favorite book as a child?

i read a lot more as a child than i do now, sadly. a few of my favs were; 'the secret garden', 'mio my mio' and 'the brother's lionheart'.

feel free to ask me any questions if you like too, over here. i enjoy doing them! :D

3 more days until my next course starts! :-) if you want to experience it from the beginning, make sure to register before monday! (find out more here)

i'm making more little clay houses! it is very relaxing to do, very enjoyable process! :) i sold 3 of them already! :)


feeling a bit better emotionally. still completely freaked out by all the horror haiti stories (6 year old boy lies under rubble for 5 days, then gets saved, what must've gone on in that poor little mind for 5 days?! - father writes goodbye notes to little sons with own blood etc), but somehow coping better with this sort of information. byron katie helps me process and 'being here-now-ness' helps.

i've also started exercising on an exercise bike! yahah, we bought one for only £35 at Asda's and it's going pretty well so far!

i do 20mins a day while watching 1 episode of friends (or scrubs) in the morning while andy looks after dylan, it's quite nice, because this way i don't have to go to a gym or run outside, i can just wake up and step on this bike and get a tiny bit of cardio going (i still stop quite a bit but at least i'm doing something, trying to lose some of the pregnancy weight and whatever weight there was before the pregnancy too, ha ha!).

so, i'm more up at the moment. which makes me :0)

hope everyone is well.

hugga bugga. x


  1. I love your uber silly's cute! Your art journal faces...are gorgeous...I draw too..come check me out, my blog has art mixed in with a lot of my other interests! I'm looking for your follow button....

  2. Love your saying "Art from the Heart!"
    What a fun and creative video...I enjoyed it so much, you had me captivated with your creations, with your wit and humour....great stuff! I'm a fan!

    You're right, be free and messy, I think I'll give that a mind gets in the way too sometimes...

  3. where r u....
    i need my soul food....


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