Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Akmal Shaikh

Feeling utter despair at the thought of this man being executed. Please help by sending a msg to Gordon Brown. I desperately hope the British Government can intervene.

protect the human

Less than a week to save Akmal Shaikh

Akmal ShaikhDear Supporter,

Akmal Shaikh is facing imminent execution in China. There are reports that his execution has been scheduled for 29 December 2009. Akmal, who is 53 and a father of five from north London, is believed to be mentally ill. He was sentenced to death for drug-smuggling on 29 October 2008 after an unfair trial.  Although he appears to have suffered for many years with mental instability and is likely to have bipolar disorder, the Chinese authorities have refused to allow him to be examined by a doctor. According to Article 18 of China's Criminal Law, a mental patient who commits a crime, and has not completely lost the ability to recognise or control his own conduct at the time, still has criminal responsibility but may be given a lighter punishment.


Call on Gordon Brown to urgently intervene on Akmal Shaikh's behalf. Please write your own appeal or copy the text below and send a message via the Downing Street website.

Dear Prime Minister, As you know Akmal Shaikh, a British national is facing execution in China on 29 December 2009. The Chinese legal system has not taken into account his serious mental illness. I am appealing to you directly to make immediate representations to China's President Hu Jintao.



Send a message to  Gordon Brown


  1. Just let you know: Brown's Chinese counterpart should be Jiabao WEN, not HU Jintao.
    Wanna talk to Hu? you need Queen!

  2. As long as you enter a country, you agree to abide by law of that country.

  3. He is not worth saving, justice is better in China, I'd love to see all drug dealers shot, happy days!

  4. "Dear Allah,

    I know this blokes a lying twat and would gladly have seen thousands of druggies continue along the route of crime, Vitamin Q and pain while he spent his ill-gotten gains had Plan A worked, but can't you see your way clear to ensuring he exists in hateful torment for a few millennia before consigning him to the pit of eternal agony ?

  5. Mentally ill, my foot. Call him what he is; a drug-smuggler. Extraordinary how this illness is advanced as an excuse when the man's life is under threat. Just like the Libyan terrorist: a few days to live because of cancer and the damned fool Straw let him go. Never a word, in this case, about the misery about to be inflicted as a result of the man's activities. The Chinese authorities are to be applauded; there will be no recidivism in the case of this crook.

  6. save a criminal in stead of thousands of people he could hurt?
    See how crazy this world is.

  7. save a criminal in stead of thousands people he could hurt?
    see how crazy this world is!

  8. @the 7 anonymous' who i assume is the same person; i'm hearing you have a real need for justice and fairness in the world, i'm guessing that the fact that people smuggle/ deal drugs makes you feel angry as you'd like everyone to be well, drug use often has such incredibly devastating effects on people.

    i have the same values; i also want everyone to be well and i want justice, fairness, safety in the world too.

    to execute anyone, however, for whatever reason, makes me feel incredibly angry as i value compassion, the sanctity of life, respect, understanding, humanity, connection etc.

    i personally think that there are other ways to deal with drug dealing and drug use that don't have to involve killing people.

    also, i'd like to 'be the change i want to see in the world', ie; if i don't want there to be killings in the world, i'd like to 'set that example' by not killing people myself.

  9. I posted one entry above, I stand behind it, he was a bad person and now he's gone, you sound like a good person, use your energy to help others who are good people but don't waste your life on individuals who devalue us all.


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