Tuesday, 10 March 2009

plastic, oodle the pink toy and belly pics!!

i'm eating dried banana chips and they're giving me a strange throat tickle! so i'm stopping with the chips. they're yummy though! :)

ok, so the universe was speaking to me regarding PLASTIC destroying our earth this week, because both belenen and starlyn_monster (on livejournal) posted plastic bag related videos/ slideshows showing the immense damage plastics do to the environment. i already knew this of course, but these slide shows/ videos really hit me right in the heart. i am so glad to read that many countries are already banning plastic bags, but more needs to be done!!

so, me and andy made a pact to ONLY buy biodegradable plastic bin liners from now on. so dutifully we went to tescos (i know; evil) yesterday and i trot off to the 'bin liner' aisle, only to find the biodegredable bags (made solely of plant material) to be £3.90 for like 15 bags as opposed to £1.40 for 40 non-biodegradable ones!!!!!! wtf?! how can ANYONE help the environment if all environment friendly products are so freaking expensive?

anyway, we bought them, but i'm just outraged by this. surely, they should make these bags cheaper! argh!

ok, so, here is the video (pls watch it):

and here is the slideshow (which is great because it tells you also how you can help change this and which countries are already banning plastic bags!) sorry, can't embed it, pls look at it though!

you don't have to do as i do: spend loads of money on biodegradable bags, just stop using the free plastic ones helps a lot already apparently. seriously, how is it possible that we throw all our crap in parts of the ocean? what is wrong with us?! this stuff drives me crazy and i feel so so helpless watching this stuff. luckily we do have a good recycling service here now, but still, plastic bags are being used everywhere!

ok, here endeth the passionate environmental broadcast.

in other news.

i made a new, goofy, pink, soft toy called 'oodle' :)

(for sale in my etsy shop)

these guys take me hours to make! but it's so much fun! :)

and more other news!

BELLY PICTURES!!! :D (i finally took some i 'liked' hee!)

little tamdy is in there! :)

here i'm deliberately sticking my stomach out more, ha!

and here's a picture of my upper half ;) :

ok, back to work!!

(i try as much as possible to read people's journals and comments but i have little time!)


oh ps. someone who bought a print of 'you shine' sent me a picture of it framed in their house, look how awesome it looks!



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  1. hey Tam...
    is it what it is...? (i m sorry, like i said i ve recently discovered u,i don't know much bout u...)

    then many congratulation to u...!!! :)


  2. Such cute belly pictures!!
    I totally agree about the plastic stuff. We all need to do a little more to help the environment or the future generations may not have a safe world to live in.

  3. hi dida! yes, it is what you think it is is! :) i'm pregnant! :) thank you! x

  4. thank you apple!! and yes re; plastic, i was SO shocked to see all that garbage just floating around the ocean, ohmygod! x


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