Saturday, 31 January 2009

friends in the snow.

i got snow on the brain. :-) x

Friends in the Snow

friends in the snow - detail

friends in the snow - detail

friends in the snow

prints of this piece for sale here

inspired by stephen mackey


  1. So cute, Tam!!!!! I love it! The background is beautiful!

  2. hey tam!!!

    this is so cute!!! love the little bear!!!

    listen quick question for ya, cos i cant remember if i asked you or not!! your whimsical class? actually two questions! who much does that work out at in euros, do u accept euros? and am i too late?

    ok that three but u get my meaning!!

    Hannah Rose

  3. thanks kristin!! :) i was happy with this one myself too! :D

  4. Hi Hannah!

    The costs for the classes are $65 which in Euros is approx Euro 51.

    You can still sign up to the course! Even while it's running people can still sign up but I recommend you sign up by the end of Feb so you get the benefit of joining in from the start. :)

    Now, about accepting Euros, how did you think of sending them? Easiest for me is paypal, have you got a paypal account? I can also accept money via moneygram though. Which country are you in?

    xox Tam


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